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  1. this is a test for Sasuke Tsunsan so . . . enjoy
  2. one like for you w . . . wait . . . . there is no likes on this web site but . . . but we have votes here ! i'll Give you upvote
  3. can i ask you a question ?




    how you was using mine-imator 0.1.0 ?

  4. hey ibasg

    Don't Forgot the collab

  5. The Lost Kingdom Ep 1 teaser

    1. he is not floating he is swimming 2. I'll work on sounds later u can use subtitle if can't know what he is saying 3. it's a dream there is no light in dreams 4. i challenge you to make an animation better than mine it's a challenge bro it's a challenge
  6. The Lost Kingdom Ep 1 teaser

    There is more soon
  7. So who's in control of mine imator

    then fix zombie villager left arm
  8. The Lost Kingdom ( Story of Elements )

    I know but i wasn't have time i was busy
  9. nimi

    i want to join mine-imator server in discord

    but i cant send messages in any room 

    1. Dr. Cuto

      Dr. Cuto

      What's your discord tag?

    2. TheXKing360


      Never mind !

      I can send now

      @Dr. Cuto

  10. Get Ready The Lost Kingdom Story of Elements Chapter 1 : Memories Coming Soon . . .
  11. 3d charcter

    Go forward


    1. Emunator
    2. TheXKing360




      and your skin Are missing 


  13. Get ready The Dragon is coming

    Are you ready ?
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