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  1. A new sword rig to be used in future animations
  2. That, I understand. I have autism so I have trouble processing information. I either missed your tip or my brain didn't processes it. So deepest apologises if I offended you. And I'll try to focus more on mouth movements next time I do this. Sorry again if I said anything that may have been unneccersy
  3. If I tried to make it perfect the first time around it would've come out horrible. If anything this was practice, improve as you go along and learn from mistakes. It ain't gonna help if people throw things at you. I appreciate constructive criticism, but if you just criticise a person about everything they did wrong instead of telling them what they did wrong and how to improve it, it's not gonna help at all. I mean most tv shows have poor mouth animation but they're met with glowling praise. I'm just some guy who's trying to practice animation and learn from mistakes. If anything, I wasn't even trying with this one.
  4. I didn't really bother with the tongue. Seemed like a waste of time. Plus what's the point of making a perfect lip sync animation if barely anyone gonna see it?
  5. I had to match each word for what they were saying, have you ever done it?
  6. It's harder then it looks, I'll admit
  7. 'K
  8. Say hello to my new skin I plan on using in the future!
  9. 'K
  10. That sounds like a great idea. But I don't think I'd be able to do any perspective besides 1st person. Do you have discord?
  11. I would do that. It would be great if you could help me. But I'm not sure how we would do that.
  12. Wasn't able to get rid of much background noise as I would've hoped.
  13. Oh yeah, thanks. For both sides. How's it now?
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