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  1. Wasn't to bad, there was a movement error with the second step and the arms were a bit to stiff, but other then that good job
  2. Oh, okay. I'm willing to help.
  3. You want the rig and skin, or just the skin?
  4. You ever consider using this for music? https://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/collections.php
  5. No sir, prefer prison. But still that wasn't so bad
  6. No, not very, the map isn't completely done, so if you use it, you shouldn't show the front.
  7. That wasn't bad, but you could outline your text so it's easier to read, I should know I'm doing something like this but i've been practising animating until I get back to to it, I've only got like two episodes up
  8. Download:- https://www.mediafire.com/?k66h8ydr3nczd4o
  9. ...alright
  10. Despite the lack of sound and jolty bits, it wasn't half bad, good job
  11. You live In a desert? Aren't those said to be creeper zones?
  12. Part 3:- Part 4:- Part 5:- Part 6:-
  13. I don't understand what this is.
  14. Say, you ever worry that everything is fake and you're secretly being controlled by someone else? (This is a joke, ignore it if you want to.)
  15. Right, I still have quite a way to go before I'm 'Great' at this sort of thing
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