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  1. yes, he has a torch on his pickaxe. silly but useful i suppose. and here is a new character, armiarma the spider! blanks new companion in a way. i suck with torches so yea hope its ok
  2. request

    id like to join
  3. most people see fad and just neg rep alot of the time. but in my opinion. you shouldnt judge something on what it is, if it is fad so what? if it is bad, say why it is bad. not just because it is fad.. and i like it. nice job isaac
  4. the bloom looking thing isnt actually bloom. its a result of the editing.. im trying to learn to make happyish wallpapers since i hardly make them. just a start ig
  5. incase ya missed it


    1. Weirdest


      I'm suprised that you're still awake

    2. Irudium


      i just woke up


    3. Weirdest
  6. a long time ago i made a wallpaper called round two, but no round one was made untill now. this is in the past of ''blanks'' story, and maybe gives you a idea how blank was affected by the ''enhanced wither sickness'' Watermark by @Weirdest
  7. i mean.. i did edit the majority of dem skins....fein ill do it l8r lmao
  8. found on skindex.... totally......
  9. thx ^-^
  10. thanks
  11. i am bad with daytime/happy wallpapers huh @Weirdest yellowz wolf and bloody for skins(not sure if they got discord) skins modified by me
  12. i have a reason for the lack of scenery, this is the void dimension, basically i made it a abandoned creation by the gods. so the void and it's species that inhabited it were incomplete.
  13. nope. the characters and story i made up ^-^
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