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  1. such amaz many wow
  2. Wow
  3. like the real thing

    Alright, by request of Progio, I will be making a Laptop. (I can't guarantee it will be as good as the 3DS in this topic) I'll upload when I feel it's finished
  4. like the real thing

    I think it's actually from some issue in the rendering or with GIMP turning it into a GIF, It looks fine while editing.
  5. like the real thing

    Yeah, I couldn't get rid of the flicker =(
  6. like the real thing

    Like a Laptop?
  7. like the real thing

    Any Ideas on what i should make next?
  8. like the real thing

    Nope! I modeled after my IRL 3DS, so i got MAX DETAIL
  9. New 3DS Super Mario Edition V2, the most realistic 3DS on Mine-Imator. Features: Cartridge/Stylus/Headphone/Charger Slots! All the Lights! Spinning GIF! It comes with a Cartridge! Any color you want! Optional back plates! I'm running out of ideas... Colors: Want me to shut up and give you the link!?!? Yes! No!
  10. 3ds

    V2 Is done o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o
  11. Thanks! I did figure out how the alpha glitch worked, after looking at face-rigs. I would like to know how to make the inside-out square tho
  12. Np
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