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    that one guy who makes wallpapers because hes bad at animation
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  1. Happy birthday.

  2. Cos i added features
  3. Pretty good
  4. It isnt a trace btw. I used a refrence tho
  5. Its made for someone who probably dont care
  6. Bo3

    I couldnt
  7. Bo3

    My first bo3 montage sorry about 144p
  8. You most likely cant draw.
  9. Im not that good
  10. Thanks
  11. This isnt the best but i hope you guys like it im 11 btw http://m.imgur.com/B5ir7mc
  12. This is very nice! Id love to help
  13. i feel your pain and i used too have the same but i cant just give it too you, enter the contest an i hope you win i understand why youd think it was fake after all i have no proof im not gonna limit you too your thoughts. but itss real
  14. i couldnt find any. and the pc is the size of a normal pc tower any gtg
  15. ill do some pics, sure thats fine. but if you want you can enter it for parts or sell it
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