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  1. as soon as i saw this in the forums i saw 2 frogs in my house
  2. not clickbate

    Yeah no goodbye
  3. not clickbate

    Detach The Wheatley Core
  4. not clickbate

    You're going to space
  5. not clickbate

    Portal Topic: THESE CAKE'S ARE A LIE DON'T DOWNLOAD THEM THEY'RE JUST HOLOGRAMS On Topic: yum darn it i was typing that then you said it
  6. WAIT A MINUTE... NEW NO RULES COLLAB..... THAT MEANS MINE CAN BE A EDIT IN SONY VEGAS But dont worry, there will still be moinecarft
  7. Are you shore about that?
  8. Sure I'll join my the sequel of my own collab *winky face* *winky face* is it sequel?
  9. Heh, hope I don't crash my toaster when I use an end schematic
  10. Count me in?
  11. t-thats not even clever just kidding
  12. lol
  13. Ok
  14. can the girl die?
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