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  1. *insert satisfying description here* download here no need to credit or whatever i finally got to release this after 3 weeks
  2. omg its clash royale! +1
  3. rig

  4. i know you put some effort in here, because the original Funtime Fredd.y has no ears and has no right arm, or you just took the ears from bon bon and duplicated F. Fredd.y's other arm, still tho good job
  5. Can you not bump old topics?
  6. No prob Bob
  7. barrel

    Is this a cylinder with a texture?
  8. ^^
  9. Look up a picture of T. Bon then you will see he has no left arm and only the right arm is raising up (nvm i was wrong i just didn't see the left arm :p)
  10. Apparently is called Clyde in here
  11. ok but just so you know, T. Clyde has no left arm, the extra jaws are opened wide, and T. Clyde's body is more torn apart
  12. This is super great for a first rig
  13. Where are the extra jaws? Also its Clyde not Bonny
  14. Ducky Mo, Ducky Momo!

    He's your very best friend!

    Ducky Mo, Ducky Momo!

    why did phineas and ferb end.

    i cri evry tim

  15. I T I S T I M E How to use it: 1. Don't change the keyframes 2. Mouse Sync 3. Keyframes 4. ??? 5. PROFIT! Download Your Axis for all your Animator vs Animation ripoff needs! This is for you @JDButter Animations
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