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  1. yo, ill join as long as i can enter a video im planning to enter in another colab
  2. plane

  3. cool
  4. cool futuristic weapon

    looks gud but why is steve firing at the ground in some of the pics? what did the ground do to you?
  5. guns

    is that the rig, i wanna use that for something.
  6. looks cool, wish i could give you rep but
  7. steve

    is it the first rig you ever made or?
  8. i would give rep but the rep limit is driving me nuts
  9. this is so hilarious
  10. interwesting
  11. its........... OK, for beginners and honestly better then some I've seen, movements were slow and the creeper walk didn't look good, the quality looks like it came out of a very sucky camera, i don't know how that came to be since I've never seen that happen on mine-imator before, no audio, nothing was really going on and i'm kind of wondering what kind of test was this. no lighting at all, this doesn't look exiting i cant imagine what you put as the thumbnail for this, you were only using one camera(multiple cameras are great for switching from shot to shot) just having one camera make it look boring. well i hope this was enough to take in(if it was too much... sorry)
  12. i would give rep but....
  13. wow, looks good
  14. the death of your inner ear

    me everyday
  15. looks good
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