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  1. Right. I totally forgot about that. Thanks for pointing it out
  2. I think I don't need to point out the fact that I lost motivation at the ending, since it's pretty obvious. Also, I didn't add sound because I am extremely lazy and didn't think that I needed to add sound to a small test like this. Feel free to criticize. dot furget to upvot adn subscreb xdddddd
  3. Just a tip, you should probably listen to people in the forums when they tell you something wrong with your animation. While they might seem rude, they're telling you how to improve.
  4. The REAL reason why hitler committed suicide
  5. Everyone who tries to make "smooth" animations ends up making it super slow... It's pretty gud, tho. I like the camera angles and everything
  6. Rename yourself to "The guy who never finishes animations" I find the idling really good, albeit a little bit too long and emotionless. Fighting is a bit too slow. The kick where the guy crashes into the wall is kool.
  7. i love all the mini details in the background. Half of these props seem extremely random, but I like it.
  8. Nice 3 goddamn minutes of black screen.
  9. Hm I think both of them are pretty interesting but the second one seems to have more detail in the static screen so i like that more. Wait a second...
  10. absolutely awesome. I agree with the others. This looks so much better than minecraft story mode.
  11. It was truly an experience seeing this thing progress till the final product. Wish there was more stuff like this.
  12. That must be one heavy axe
  13. i think the guy at the starting closed the wrong eye when he is aiming
  14. When you really need to complete your animation but you cant stop listening to minecraft awesome parodies

    1. EthanForeverAlone


      Listening to bad music does not stop you from animating. 

    2. phoenixbasher


      But when I listen to powerful music like this I have to stop doing everything to appreciate it 



  15. Very nice indeed
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