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  1. When @NietyFox Of all people said feeding the pigeons I instantly thought of @Pigeon_ Sorry for tagging lmao
  2. Racist what about the Light snakes #LightSnakesMatter
  3. Did you forget Ethan?
  4. Looks like it was rendered on a PS2
  5. require*
  6. Why the clipping
  7. In (Maybe) b4 you can say im not
  8. wallpaper collab

    Dat scenery seems to be off.
  9. it says SansDeGamer555 then it says SansDeGamer554. Wot? Also You have a problem with that fan art.
  10. hes got to much hair at the bottom of his head and need more on the top I think idk
  11. what if I down repped it would that give me an extra rep point?
  12. Sorry for not finishing that rig xD I had to fix my laptop and it was on there.
    ye also, Happy Birthday :Cake:

  13. yeah but its not... I've seen so many people use my Minecraft skins that I made myself, its not that bad tbh
  14. Keep on chucking did a vid on rope physic things try find it
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