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  1. Bloom is an image/video(ish idk) effect
  2. copycat/Guy Ontopic: bloom doesnt feel right
  3. we should leave him alone
  4. Do research
  5. Correction: EnderThing gg +1 ur grate at dis
  6. *Ahem* MIND THE GAP PART 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Ahem* *ahem*
  7. turn down the dof size
  8. Man If I were woke and I saw him I wouldnt be scared...
  9. Bo3

    lol Google images And 480p Damn son
  10. Use 1 that doesnt have a whole buncha clash
  11. collab

    Im in for now and ill contact connor when hes not sleeping or offline to see.
  12. collab

    I feel like joining tbh im just to lazy to animate ill tell you if I change my mind
  13. Hey guys ive got an idea lets not give him anymore rep until next week... jk
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