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  1. Because I feel nobody saw this, I want put a link here for it.  Just click me.


  2. Regrets - 4k + Speedart

    Bloody knife + tears + "regrets" = he killed someone probably dear to him, and now regrets it.
  3. Regrets - 4k + Speedart

    So, I made another wallpaper, and my first speedart! I think it's really cool. Also, my pick is definitely edited, for the subtle details it adds. Edited: Unedited: Speedart:
  4. Cant move or scale anything

    Odds are the project is corrupted. Same happened to me, that's what the cause was. Sadly, I don't think it's recoverable.
  5. Can someone make a wrestling arena?

  6. Can someone make a wrestling arena?

    Go to google Type "minecraft wwe arena" Press enter Profit
  7. How do I animate large cities without lag?

    How big is a single piece? Could you put some images?
  8. Jack your SSAO all the way up, and you might want to also turn up the sunlight range.
  9. Its Just Herobrine

    The movements are a little jerky and you should see Keep on Chucking's lighting tutorial, but it's pretty good.
  10. Cinema 4D-looking Character Rig!

    And really the only main difference between the two softwares are the render engine and quality, not how it looks bts.
  11. COMBO KILL - Animation

  12. DC Intro Fighting Animation (The Flash)

    Try to give him a trail
  13. ERASED [Mine-Imator Animation]

    Two things: I like how he rejects the sword
  14. tbh, it just kinda looks like you're graphics are bad. :/ Especially since the icons have a lot of noise on them.
  15. So I wanted a short break from animating a bigger project, so I made this. I think it's pretty cool!
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