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  1. You could, but this would just take a lot less time.
  2. I had an idea that when importing a schematic, you could check a box that said 'subsections' or something, with a number by it (that you could change). What would happen is that if you know it will be massive, it will automatically cut the schematic into 9 parts, if the number was 3 for example: It would then split the schematic into 9 parts and import them separately, so that a massive piece of scenery could be easily imported. Then the user could just line up the divides and folder it. I personally would use this a ton, and with MI be developed, I though I should throw this in. I'm not a programmer, so I don't know how hard this would be, but please consider it.
  3. City Lights [4k] ( Stress Test )

    You should make a speedart. *wink*wink* Seriously though, how do you get such a massive schematic imported?
  4. Modelbench Q&A

    How will moving parts work, like the slide of a gun? Will it have to be two models imported separately then put together in MI itself?
  5. Dab Jean Pierre

    nononono, dab stands for: Drugs Are Bad
  6. I NEED A GOOD RIGGER!!!!!!!

    Type 'character rig' into the search bar. Press enter Profit
  7. The Wither Wallpaper

    My favorite part is the lightning in the background, this is great a first! However, the grass color doesn't match the trees and is too vibrant (in my opinion) for the scene. Also, I would use custom rain particles, not the ugly minecraft particles. Overall, great for a starter!
  8. He means the generated structures in the actual game, which are stored as .nbt files.
  9. Metalspear mech

    You should make an airdrop wallpaper with the helicopter rig and this one. Love the quality of everything you make!
  10. Tiger Bow- Che3sy Rigs

    eh, speedart was decent, but that's not how you hold a bow properly.
  11. [ Fan-Made Title Screen For Minecraft ]

    Man, that's really cool, though you should try to tint the leaves orange-ish, like the color of the grass so they fit in better.
  12. Poll For Sad Wallpaper Setting

    I said this was a wallpaper but actually it's a frozen-time cinematic thing... really there's no difference but eh. So please answer the poll! Info you should actually know: -So this will be a sad cinematic, basically a soldier shooting a helpless robot, so the time is a little dystopian/apocalyptic, so base your decision off of this. -Depending on how many people vote, I may give credit in the video.
  13. [Wallpaper]Forest Sunset

    Man, I really like this! The glare might be able to go down a little, and the snapped tree's splinters only exist in the center, so you should to to add more around the edges or spread them out. But other than those small details, this is amazing!
  14. Cobalt's Animatronic Pack V.3 [Game 1]

    Actually, people don't hate F.naf, people hate how beginners use WAY too over complex rigs, and make absolute shit, so people assosiate f.naf with shitty animations/wallpapers. If you make good quality things with effort (like this) people will like it.
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