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  1. death the kid's hair from soul eater series
  2. Yes there is a story, It's supposed to be an animation but I can't animate because It's hard, so I make wallpaper and at the same time I practice animation.
  3. First dark souls, now bloodborne... omg, I predict he'll play zelda next!!!
  4. There should be a prank called wannalaugh

  5. Oh sorry then, my fault
  6. Its a badass cop. I mean, why not? This is art so anything can be possible.
  7. Of course, its a cop. Why wouldn't it do that? Lol
  8. Sorry for the background. If so, how can I improve the background?
  9. Maybe because Its a cop?
  10. Feels empty...
  11. Hey, they stole my idea!! That's totally a rip off!
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