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  1. The Mob is Behind of...

    I mean try the new features. My bad!
  2. you can try to reduce the blurriness of the dof in the render settings. The default value looks ugly tbh. and also you can change the colours of the sunlight and shadows (ambient). Try doing these in your next project. Just recommending tho, It's up to you if you want, but nonetheless, this one's bland.
  3. The Mob is Behind of...

    i think you should try the community build. It's like a modded version but its really a modified version. It has tons of added features. Try it!
  4. Boku No Hero Academia - Izuku Midoriya

    well if you're looking to put weeb characters at your minecraft rig library, you would be better with putting some fingers and use black bendable lines at the bottom lips and also what ^ he said
  5. Character showcase Imako White

    her name is a bit feminine
  6. Weeb Stufs

  7. Weeb Stufs

    ain't gonna add more details
  8. "BattleField"

    wtf they're taking too long
  9. "BattleField"

    edgy comments in 3... 2.... 1....
  10. lulz, it's not censored anymore. Thanks cultured admin!

    1. Quickstreak


      you ended a revolution 

  11. Echo | A Minecraft Wallpaper

    what's next? red?
  12. Oc Design Test [Wallpaper]

    He smoke weed cus his eye is too high
  13. meme


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ThatGuyBrian


      you cracked the code

    3. willingsas


      Haha, so funny and original! This is definitely a status update i must spend time in to respond.

    4. DragonLord
  14. Sadist (?)

    Yandere archetype, I guess... ?
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