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  1. Why did you discontinue it?
  2. Happy birthday! :Cake:

  3. Happy birthday and have a great day!
  4. best i have ever seen 8/8
  5. won thgir si ti yaw eht eman ym ekil i

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Dannyboi


      u cyber bully call me rude i report now

    3. BloxxerCreeperDTC
    4. Dannyboi


      I called my self perple rhubarb u bad purson ded scream

  6. noice april fools prank.
  7. *Rest
  8. hypixel

    A struggle everyone hates is lag, including me. Ontopic: The animation is good, keep it up!
  9. As always, most of the Forums hate F.NAF, so stop posting F.NAF-related content, or else you'll get nothing other than downvotes.
  10. You won't get Mine-imator on the phone, but if you really want it, get a PC that is good enough.
  11. boi, i like the walk cycle and the lightning!
  12. klol
  13. says that is a pro on Mine-imator

    doesn't really prove it

    1. NietyFox


      Plus his name says, "BEGINNER."

    2. BloxxerCreeperDTC


      i know, but i was referring to the rank which clearly says "A mine amitor PRO" so yea.

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