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  1. Ad for banned books week - Minecraft animation

    Don't. It's a script and dialogue book. It feels like I'm reading fanfiction instead of a J.K Rowling book. Pls no buy
  2. Graveyard [2K]

    I'll try to do that next time
  3. Reducing lag in Mine-imator 1.0.0 Betas

    You just revived a dead topic. Know that it is not accepted in any parts of the forums except the Mine-Imator Creations and Mine-Imator Resources.
  4. This is horror Animation

    This is some quality animation.
  5. Graveyard [2K]

    I tried adding the zombie popping out of the graves, but it didn't fit with the peaceful lighting.
  6. "BattleField"

    So much edge my eyes got cut at a subatomic level.
  7. Decay | Realistic 4K Wallpaper

    It's Mine-Imator and After Effects.
  8. "Abandoned... and reanimated" [4K]

    Too dark, it's like Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem but much darker. And that movie was already too dark to begin with.
  9. Graveyard [2K]

    It's Mine-imator, bud.
  10. Graveyard [2K]

    It's not the best, I agree. It has a bland background, sorry for that. I edited it a bit so the lighting would be more intense.
  11. Dragon Game of thrones

    Make Viserion with extra blue eyes.
  12. Mini Outdoor Pool

    Even though this is made out of regular blocks, it's still very well made and a neat design indeed. +1
  13. Boku No Hero Academia - Izuku Midoriya

    Nice, now do Kacchan and Tokoyami.
  14. "Quietness"

    Sad thing is, it's not. They already hired a director.
  15. Vandalized | Realistic 4K Wallpaper

    *criticizes image* *downreps said image* Out of your league, don't you think?
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