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  1. Considering you've been on the forums for this long, have you been living under a rock or something?
  2. I am addicted to corn syrup. Today I ate 5 tablespoons of 'em.

    1. Dannyboi


      Same with me and pickled jalapenos. I just love eating them, even if the immense spice hurts.

    2. spectral


      should've made gummy bears

  3. It's good, but work on the lighting.
  4. "Less tedious and frustrating" Ironic.
  5. It's colored horribly, I must tell you. I haven't got the hang of these Copic Markers yet.
  6. You're all probably wondering why must I do this Why didn't you name the rig as it's actual mobile suit name; Graze?
  7. WinRAR is equally easy. Click, extract, poof.
  8. It's great, but please don't use stretched textures on the mushroom landmine.
  9. Miniguns are supposed to be fat, but his one is excessively fat. Minigun = Gatling gun
  10. Shoot I forgot to put it on And necropost? Really?
  11. Look at the video title. "Digital Paint" slapped smack on the top.
  12. Edgy bot I made in Robocraft. It even has "CB" logos on both sides of the 'copter. zZAyHfH.png

    1. Arczision™


      Hmmmm I might try this game

    2. XxEmeraldSquidxX
    3. Cube Productions

      Cube Productions

      Also, apparently "CB" is "Cube" without vowels.

  13. Darn good.
  14. Oh look, a penny!
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