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  1. How much for a camo one? jk Awesome rig.
  2. Dang, sure wished I had a credit card... awesome skills, though. Hope you get somewhere far with it.
  3. Eh, not bad
  4. Couldn't get the licence for it. Apparently, being too OP with bolt actions and sniper rifles rips you off the right to own an OP gun. Currently working on it.
  5. Here's another wallpaper. Just wanted to change my wallpaper from an old RWBY Arkos. Also, what do you think of my new watermark? In case you can't see the images: 4K version 1K version Credits (all mine BTW): Armory built on my personal world COMP Aimpoint Sight & Vertical Grip Colt M1911 Pistol Colt M4A1 Assault Rifle Tactical Vest & Pouches
  6. 3VHow2t.png

    Eh... Whad'ya think? I felt that, although Piegon's rig was awesome, it was one specific model. So I made my own to fill my need of modularity (I know it's not a word). Right now I have an open back, an armament carrier (pic above w/ Piegon99's M2HB rig) and a default variant. Next on the list are the Avenger and ambulance variants.

  7. It's amazing to look at.
  8. hay! It's good, not really cool with the filter.
  9. Thanks! I observed from both internet sources and real life experience. Eh thanks, not as smooth as I hoped, but it's good.
  10. Just a simple test of my improved character rig (fingers are round) and my recent 1911 rig.
  11. Good luck.
  12. wallpaper

    Seems despair-ish to me, needs some more doe
  13. Ohhhh sky wars you say? , , or , pick which one you think suits you
  14. This is awesome. You are awesome.
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