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  1. I used the community edition for it, basically a modded version
  2. Awesome. Also, you make that snake yourself?
  3. Not bad.
  4. Maybe start with something that's related to the foreground? The blue needs to be deeper, something that can relate with the uniform, but the yellow/gold on the edge is alright. The green in between seems out of place. That's just my opinion, though. Other people have different perspectives on art.
  5. Off topic: That's how badge bunnies work, though. On topic: Pretty neat, but the background really gets to me.
  6. things to point out: 1) High score 2102 booiiiiiiiii (w/ screenshot proof) 2) Amazing game! 8/10! Lots of potential. 3) There needs to be more normal enemies similar to the speeder, like armored, shooter, etc... 4) If it's okay with you, I suggest an upgrade system so players can upgrade their health and weapon.
  7. Oh, sorry, your question was below me and it only contained one word requesting an explanation, and given that it was below mine I answered.
  8. Why not
  9. Are you a duck or a banana?
  10. Love it!
  11. I still wanna use it doe, just gotta change the colors Want vehicles? A lot of work, that's why.
  12. Finally finished the stuff! Took about 7-10 hours to make. Credit Do not claim as your own, give credit, you know the drill. Download M1911 Pistol (Mag Included) .45 ACP Round (Ammo) Gallery General Shots Sample of Features Magazine Thanks for viewing!
  13. Text: "One Man Army" Outer colour: #CCCC00 Inner colour: #333300 Background colour: #666633 (or with patches of #999966 to make it look like a multicam) Text size: Medium Notes: Image of a Colt M1911 behind the text, if possible (entirely optional)
  14. Oh God, they made another movie. Nice rig btw.
  15. 1st, I forgot to take that out. 2nd, It's a thing if you individually scale schematics, or if you have some checked with scaled w/ parent and some not. Depends on the rigger.
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