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  1. Redstone Rig Pack (W.I.P)

    The TNT and daylight sensor rig look a lot like mine... Still looks way better than I could make. I love the dispenser rig and the thought you put into it.
  2. The Piston Collab

    You disagree? With what? EDIT: I was trying to be fast.
  3. Toy Robot [Blender Wallpaper]

    The piece of paper on the right is only touching the ground a tiny bit. Still the robot looks awesome! 1+
  4. My art improvement since I left

  5. The Piston Collab

    wat LOL IKR
  6. The Piston Collab

    because of the risk of getting a virus by downloading entrys.
  7. The Piston Collab

    Hey guys after almost a year! People That Joined: Thanks for watching! NOTE: I won't be making any more collabs.
  8. fad 2 Rig Show off

    I can't see the picture so I don't know who's right or wrong...
  9. Minecraft in a Nutshell (Pamtri)

    I laughed so hard
  10. Dresser Rig

    Hello guys here is my Dresser Rig! Enjoy! DOWNLOAD HERE
  11. Minecraft in a Nutshell (Pamtri)

    Oh my gosh
  12. Defending myself. [Wallpaper]

    Lookin' cool.
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