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  1. This is a timelapse of me making a Mondasian Cyberman It does not have a download for this model because I am not putting it up for download. It however does have a download to the one I spent more time on here: as this one was just hastily made in one hour. This is roughly what the creation of the original would have looked like. I am alos trying out an intro to my timelapses, and I like how it came out.
  2. This is a timelaspe of me making a gun stick for one of the Doctor's greatest foes. The Dalek's. Inhabitants of the planet Skaro. I decided to make this after seeing episode 1 of season 9. (I haven't seen any more past that) I love how this turned out. And hope you do too. It's even downloadable as with all my mineimator creations. Even though this rig was simple, I love how it turned out. Download:
  3. Oh no! The Cybermen are attacking! *The Cyberman lumbores toward you. What do you do?* Another model I am very proud of. The bottom section of the chest unit took the longetst to make. But I love this model and hope you guys do too! Download:
  4. You're right. I didn't really want it to have a Minecraft feel. I wanted to make it as show accurate as I could. (I.e cylindrical) And if you pay close attention, when the screwdriver is extended, there is a copper band that wraps itself around the core like on the prop. And thank you.
  5. TARDIS Bigger on the Inside than Outside Test

    No words can express how awesome this is! How did you do that!?
  6. My eleventh Doctor's sonic screwdriver. I finally did it! My favorite out of all the sonics! I just love this thing! The composition of the device, the sound, and of the flicking.. You can't forget the flicking... Closed and Deactivated Closed and Activated Opened and Deactivated Opened and Activated Sure the claws are a bit derpy, but that was the best I could do. All in all, I love this screwdriver. I absoluelty love how this turned out, but again with the claws. They probably would have made the rig so much better. There is sadly no timelapse for this one, but there is a download! But constructive critisism is welcomed and encouraged. Download:
  7. Time Lord Hypercube

    Oh! I forgot one thing... Neigh
  8. Post your Desktop (Other Art)

  9. Time Lord Hypercube

    Oh wow! That's so neat! Thanks for this! And no, I don't think equines are able to use Hypercubes.He could try though.
  10. Time Lord Hypercube

    This cube is a way of sending messages throughout time and space. The cube works by telepathically saving and sharing a Time Lord (Or Ladies) thoughts or voice. I decided to make this because I was bored. Also, I haven't posted in a while.I know the image is a bit blurry (I made a texture for the first time! I'm poud of myself! :D) but that was the best I could find. Though I love how it came out! Oh! Humans can use them too! Download:
  11. Summer Break Be Like

    So true
  12. I am really happy with how this turned out! Though it isn't exact, I don't care. It still looks awesome! Referance Image Timelapse Dowload
  13. Type 40 TARDIS Wallpaper

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