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  1. *Downloads* *Hiss* Mines now...
  2. I was gonna message you something...then I just took a screenshot and used it. Couldn't find any other computer rig , I used the mac-imator since it was in my rigs folder. Thanks! Thanks.
  3. Haven't posted anything since my last wallpaper... I think I forgot how to Mine-Imator... I legit forgot how to make wallpapers.. Unedited (2k) Edited (2k) Omfg... Now that I see both of them in comparison... I think I may have over-edit the edited version.. ( TURN DOWN THE CONTRAST ) Took 3 days to make this It look so long to make because I was thinking on what should I put in the wallpaper. This is all I had in mind..(And in My Rigs Folder) Credits: Skibbz - GOW-Lancer, SunGlasses, Abyss Watchers Hat and Mask, David Poster. ( Skibbz said no need to credit him, So I'ma credit him like this ) @Shane - Wasteland Scavenger Corbscraft - Mac-Imator v.3 @Supah.exe - Bendy The Dancing Demon Rig @Joshinja ( ಠ ͜ʖಠ) - Link Rig @Batman4014 - gray's Mobile Suit Rig @Piegon99 - Mk.20 SCAR-SSR rig @david - Having a Beautiful Face Please tell me on what I can improve on so that I can make better wallpapers in the future. Thanks Enjoy
  4. Pictures won't load for me, I cry, I can't see your beauty Edit: Now It Loads, Internet was just slow for me
  5. I would say this looks like one of the Ink monsters in Chapter 2 of BATIM, Still A Good rig!
  6. I saw someone when the two kids went running into the forest......Did I win?? ( Great and beautiful animation btw )
  7. *Downloads* Mines now..... *hisssss*
  8. *Bows Down*
  9. You should set a download, This is a pretty cool rig
  10. All of us want to
  11. *#Give Ethan A Train Set*
  12. It is so peaceful and calm and sad at the same time, Great Theme For Farewell Oblivion!!
  13. Just realized that staff decided to put our names backwards.....GG ( Happy April Fools )

  14. *Already Seeing Ethan playing with a train set in the #Hell Conference Room.*
  15. Already saw the Video, Nice.
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