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  1. The Grass Arms, I guess, are the witherstorm tentacles retextured, AM I RIGHT :D?
  2. I Love it.
  3. @Artamiel Crescent Here it is, The Scythe. Ontop: Nice Rig! Looks really awesome, I like how it can turn into a spear, nice touch! ( I still want the claws please )
  4. Really cool and awesome, This would look good on a rig I'm working on atm! 10/10
  5. So Good. Very Decent Much Smooth ( I'm trying to describe it has how you would describe doge, also because you have him as your profile pic x3) Overall, The animation is really good, I would have to agree on Steampunk Skeleton about the shade of blue. 10/10 ( In my opinion )
  6. Wait you're Amazing Wolf gamer, oh my god
  7. oc

    I love the custom command block in the center of it's torso, I'm guessing that's his core. Very Good Rig
  8. So Good, I'm jealous.
  9. It's Cute.
  10. Why you gotta be so good... Don't you know I wanna learn too.. Why you gotta be so good.... I'll never be good anyway...
  11. Not enough ground too animate on Added blocks Couldn't be repeated
  12. You can go now, just get the latest file from mc animator (scroll up)
  13. He is saying that he is in, and he is asking from who he should get file from ( latest )
  14. ^
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