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  1. Better than skibbz omfg!112!!1
  2. Still waiting for a time lapse
  3. Can't rep, I'll rep later, Nice.
  4. So this is how pigeons reproduce, Nice. (I laughed so hard at this )
  5. springbonnie

    Its Darl's Springtrap rig retextured.
  6. It's okay , Maybe next time .
  7. Amazing as always!
  8. This rig is really good, It doesn't surpass all the transformers rigs here, But it does pass newbie standards. Keep up the good work!
  9. Yes, Do It, ples .
  10. Beautiful. ( teach me )
  11. the death of your inner ear

    This video is about homework. ( somewhat about***** ) Homework is about questions. So you posted a video about questions?? ( 10/10 Very good animation ) (Edit: 9/10, Was wearing headphones and the little ear rape got me, GG)
  12. Fix the tilting, a little more work on the posing and it should look better.
  13. map

    I'll be keeping this, Thank you my good sir. Downloads, Keep the change.
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