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  1. Street Fight

    My entry for the Street Fight Contest. Enjoy.
  2. Here's my entry. Enjoy. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ak96c1393howo4h/Street_Fight_Collab_Entry.avi
  3. Mini Outdoor Pool

  4. Leshen Rig

    Incredible detail.
  5. Pillar Model & Tree Model

    Absolutely incredible.
  6. 1st Post

    Great. The movements are very natural and smooth. What sort of transitions did you use?
  7. Assassination?

    Originally an entry for the Assassination Collab, but before I finished reading the rules. Enjoy. Credits: Dan "Pepper" Loeb 232935__bmusic92__computer-hum 220181__gameaudio__computer-beep-1 367997__josepharaoh99__sci-fi-interface 383212__josepharaoh99__sci-fi-click 196979__peepholecircus__sci-fi-button-beep
  8. [Character rig] Layla

  9. Good job. Lip-syncing is pretty difficult, and yours is great.
  10. Andyy's scythe

    Great, keep it up!
  11. Evergreen (RWBY Weapon #2)

    My second RWBY weapon rig, based off of Tranquil Evergreen. Image (My rig) Inspiration/Base Download
  12. Palindel (RWBY weapon)

    It's original, but not my creation. I saw this video on youtube, at this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vR1_zXk5a0k
  13. Palindel (RWBY weapon)

    I decided to try my hand at rigging after watching this video. Enjoy. Here's my rig for this. http://imgur.com/a/6jq6P Download Rig: https://www.mediafire.com/file/g8e6ddv3kn4b2qh/Palindel.object
  14. [ ► ] - First Take Productions Group

    Name: TheNerdCouncil Age: I forgot. Expertise: Preferably innovator/scriptwriter (more focused on writing or story creation). Special effects and compositing in Adobe (Aftereffects & Premiere Pro). Experience: 3 years of writing short stories (attended Harvard Summer School for writing), 2 years of MI animation, 3-4 years of Adobe Aftereffects and Premiere Pro. Um, I can do stopmotion animation as well, but that probably isn't relevant. Animation Example Animation Example 2 VFX Example VFX Example 2 Writing Example Writing Example 2 (Heavily based on Artemis Fowl/Code Geass)
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