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  1. Palindel (RWBY weapon)

    It's original, but not my creation. I saw this video on youtube, at this link.
  2. Palindel (RWBY weapon)

    I decided to try my hand at rigging after watching this video. Enjoy. Here's my rig for this. Download Rig:
  3. [ ► ] - First Take Productions Group

    Name: TheNerdCouncil Age: I forgot. Expertise: Preferably innovator/scriptwriter (more focused on writing or story creation). Special effects and compositing in Adobe (Aftereffects & Premiere Pro). Experience: 3 years of writing short stories (attended Harvard Summer School for writing), 2 years of MI animation, 3-4 years of Adobe Aftereffects and Premiere Pro. Um, I can do stopmotion animation as well, but that probably isn't relevant. Animation Example Animation Example 2 VFX Example VFX Example 2 Writing Example Writing Example 2 (Heavily based on Artemis Fowl/Code Geass)
  4. I'd like to join, however, it says that it uses a newer version of MI. I have 1.0.6, and have tried re-installing.
  5. Fighting Practice

    A short fighting animation I made for practice. Enjoy.
  6. Voice Actors Needed

    Sierra is a polite but cold person. Try to sound interested and curious but not excited or overjoyed.
  7. Voice Actors Needed

    Sierra Lupa has a lot of lines. I'm willing to hear you try out though.
  8. Voice Actors Needed

    For my project "A Voice In The Rain", I need several voice actors. Two female and one male. The opening shot is already finished, and is up for viewing. Also, a lip-syncer is needed, one who is used to using SKIBBZ's human rigs. I am asking for volunteers. Direct Message me if you want to apply. Requirements: -Really, none. -Please actually be the gender you sign up for. -Preferred 14+? Spots: Kalloni Vulpes[F]: (Very few lines) Mistral[F]: (Quite a few lines) Sierra Lupa[M]: (Quite a few lines) Lip-Syncer: Will be using Skibbz's S2016 Rig. Script. -If voice actors would like to change parts of the script, message me and I will see. Preview shot.
  9. A Voice in the Rain (WIP)

    A clip from a work-in-progress project. It's going to be very reflective and thoughtful. Hopefully. Please enjoy. A Girl in the Moonlight: (Piano Music) Car SFX: 336759__luminadii__car-drive-by-04.wav ( Rain SFX: Jamesthe1 Στ {[SigmaTau Entertainment]}
  10. Doors Collab!

    May I join?
  11. NeonLight Collab II [Closed]

    I would like track 15.
  12. One Hit Kill

    Ok.... Not what I meant when I wanted a sharp mind.
  13. One Hit Kill

    Yeah. Not sure what it is at the end. There's nothing like like that in my project file.
  14. One Hit Kill

    My entry for the One Hit Kill 2 Collab. Enjoy.
  15. MC Problems Collab(OPEN )

    This is really long for the time limit. I hope its still acceptable.
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