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  1. Lip Sync TEST

    It's not my intro. It's there to credit the voice actor. It's part of the public demo. It's not a channel intro. It's credit to the voice actor. It's part of this being the first public demo of the project. as said in both the description thing, and in the previous replies, this is 2 demos in one, being the first phase of public tests. The first is rough, and was done to properly credit the actor, and show a rough estimate of another piece of a project. Since the plan wasn't originally to upload completely to public. Also, I say right in the thing to skip to 21 second for the first half of the demo. So... I don't get why everyone's complaining.
  2. Lip Sync TEST

    Here's a short LipSync demo I did. It's done using a mouth texture, that's done on a plane. I wanted to give it a cartoonish, and yest stylized feel. So, I've not seen this style before, So... I did it. Plus it was my first time. Skip to 21 seconds in to get to the Lip Sync The other thing is a demo for the project intro credits. Voice provided by the wonderful GodzillaMendoza
  3. Can someone make a wrestling arena?

    Yes, but those don't have perms for use outside of playing them. I'd need one with full use to use in a project.
  4. Alex Model is messed up

    How do you do it exactly? I have zero idea how to do what you're talking about. Second layer? Make it an extra pixel? Like... please try and do a tutorial of sorts on it so I can get what you mean. I have no idea how to do that.
  5. So, I'm working on a HUGE Project, which will include a scene with a wrestler, and a caged match. My attempts at making a wrestling arena have failed, and I figured I'd come here. You will obviously get credit. You will have a lot of freedom in making it, I'm not too picky, I just need it for this. I've got quite a few larger youtubers voicing it(Not huge, but like 25K+ subs), and a composer working on this. Thanks guys. EDIT I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO CLERIFY THIS WOULD BE AN INDOORS AREA, ROOFED. KINDA LIKE A WWE MATCH
  6. Insert your Rig Requests HERE

    IFK if this is still open, but I'm working on a large project... Could you make a caged wrestling area? Like the whole building? You'd obviously get credit on the project, it's very large in scale, but I'm just not competent in anything other than house making to make a cage match, and the whole wrestling arena... I have a bunch of people on this program including a couple pretty big(at least in comparison to myself and most) youtubers on it... I tried making the cage match and the area, but it just didn't work well. Thanks, if you can't/don want to do it there's no biggie there, I figured I'd ask
  7. Alex Model is messed up

    You can't do that... The second layer is part of the same skin file, and has to be a PNG... and with a skin if you extend the pixles out it'll just put it somewhere on the body... you can't have the second layer a 4 when the first is a 1... At least there's not any way I have found.
  8. Alex Model is messed up

    What do you mean? I'm not sure how to go about that... I'm a skin maker, but IDK how to do that and be able to animate it like any other figure.
  9. Alex Model is messed up

    No... I'm not. I'm using an Alex skin for certain. But the outside layer is still messed up. It's on the second layer to the arms. Here's a picture to prove it. THERE IS something there where the gap on the hands is in the actual skin, I know for sure of this since I just looked at the skin file and all Here's another one showing it. Both arms should look identicle... but the other one's upside down and has a weird line going through it.
  10. So, The Alex skin model thing is messed up. The sholder and wrist things for the outside layer(Like where the Hat is, just the second layer) are messed up, and swapped arround. It makes things very annoying and I have no way to fix it, or at least no idea how. Should I just... Shrink a Steve skin's arms by a pixel or is there a fix?
  11. So, currently what I'm doing is using only city blocks... Like each few hundred blocks is it's own block, and I've put them together like legos, and only have one visable at a time... But even then it's risky. Is there another way to animate large schematics without lag?
  12. Mouse causes crash

    Would, but I'm on a laptop. Can't type it in because i move every day for work. It's kinda irritating because sometimes my computer'll just stop recognizing my mouse for a second and turn it off for a short bit, but it's long enough for mineimator to crash
  13. If I change mouses, unplug my mouse or disasble touchpad mineimator crashes without saving... Gets annoying when I bump my mouse and lose half an hours work
  14. Blood Animation Test

    Yea, I've worked on doing some, But wanted to start with the blood on clothing before I do splatter. I can't seem to make the particles fall down... So I've just got an invisible attractor that is underground so the blood can pool. Once I figure out the actual random factor I'll add more spatterblood
  15. Just a frame by frame blood thing I did. The actor isn't supposed to move or anything this time, it's just to test out the frame by frame animated blood. Going to work on making the blood feel a bit more natural. Maybe less natural even to make it look styalized. I don't know yet.
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