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  1. garbage fad

    It's less of an opinion, more like bias.
  2. I've invented a new copypasta.

    Sean said to Sean, "Sean?" Sean said, "Can you move, Sean?" Sean said. Sean responded to Sean with, "Sure Sean," said Sean, "I will do that Sean" Sean said. Sean moved from Sean. Sean was happy that Sean moved from Sean. Now Sean and Sean could get along.

  3. garbage fad

    are guys blind can you not read what i said i just started, you fools
  4. garbage fad

    Are any of you even reading the topic? I'm not following the trend, and I technically have the right to make this rig. Ethan even said it looked good and yet he still downrepped it. That's dumb.
  5. looks at rep
    did u do 9/11?

    1. BAC0NB0Y


      It was stuck like that for a few days.

    2. spectral
  6. 0/10 not enuf fotoshop
  7. Anyone who knows about LambHoot knows about his Spongebob Movie Game review. It was a huge dissapointment. Anyways, he finally ranked the game. It's now sitting with Gex 2. He considers Gex 2 the average game on his ranking list so essentially he called the movie game average. Still not that great but it's better than calling it a disaster.

  8. I did 91/1.

    1. Sonicxryan


      (How many times have I commented this)

      You caused my birthday?

    2. BAC0NB0Y


      I said 91/1. Not 9/11.

  9. I actually kinda like the smoke like this. Not to mention smoke has lighting in real life so...
  10. When you're playing Mario Land and game over at the 7th level and your brother laughs at you so you hand him the Gameboy and he games over at the 2nd level.

    1. Sonicxryan



      cleeeaaan, black & green...

    2. Minecraftvinnyq


      That beautiful satisfaction...

  11. I'm in it. 10/10
  12. Just realised that the picture doesn't work. Fixed!
  13. Wow, I wasn't expecting House Guest of all episodes. +1
  14. garbage fad

    People should be spinning them under their desks so that they aren't a distraction. They shouldn't being trying to see who can get to 3 minutes and recording it to see what the "warp" looks like. That's what's distracting about them, and that's the issue.
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