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  1. Schematics and Custom Rotation points. My life just got 5% easier!
  2. My Hero Academia Opening 3 Recreation in the works! 


    1. Cube Productions
    2. -(Retro)-


      Reaaaddd the dessscccrrriipptttiiioonnn

  3. Whats better?

    Animate Minecraft in a more professional animation software:

    -Looks better
    -Animator makes animation looks sloppy and lazy

    Or animate Minecraft in Mine-Imator:

    -Doesn't look as professional
    -Animation actually looks smooth and realistic if done right

    1. Emaniplex


      Depends on who your audience is I guess, and your long-term goals.

    2. Kapslock


      Yeah. And if you eventually want to work for Pixar or something, you won't be using Mineimator.

  4. The Wolf | Animation

    Could you next time put a warning in the title that its fad? Please? Mercy? But that still looked cool.
  5. "One For All... Full Cowling!"


  6. Boku No Hero Academia - Izuku Midoriya

    @Warlust @Skjold I modified some stuff, Check it now Thanks for the Feedback.
  7. Boku No Hero Academia - Izuku Midoriya

    Showcase of @Tempus "Izuku Midoriya - Custome Beta" Rig from Boku No Hero Academia/ My Hero Academia
  8. "BattleField"

    Ow, I cut myself.
  9. Recruiting team for a recreation of 'My Hero Academia' Opening 2 : Peace Sign Just as a the title says, Looking for skilled character riggers and decent skin makers for the characters. It'll be an animation recreating this glorious opening: And heres an example of the base skins we'll be using : I'll be setting up scenes and animating the majority of the animation. Check out my Youtube Channel for examples of my ....sort of good work? : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6JWXFx4uRYZYvTf2hW-aFw?view_as=subscriber Reply if interested!
  10. Yo, Someone stole your video. Thought I'd give you a heads up. 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dannyboi


      @Colonel Muffin He apparently used Creative Commons. What's really sad is that the re-upload has hundreds more likes then the actual video.

    3. Colonel Muffin
    4. Bluey


      youtube in a nutshell

  11. Saw the new Spiderman movie, Tom Holland was awesome and the film was great! I made Peters second Spiderman suit made by Tony Stark, Given to him for the Civil War. With working Eyes and Web shooters! Thanks for browsing at my stuff! Leave a like if you enjoyed this.
  12. Working on my Boku No Academia rig, I think I did a decent job with the skin.Ry6TUrs.png

  13. Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

    *Casually likes picture* OH, I'm there? Whe- OH There I am! I TOTTAAALLYY didnt rep because I'm there
  14. Like the title says? Is there any possible way? I've hidden quite a few topics myself.
  15. My last topic was a disaster, Questioning these forums now.

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    2. Emaniplex


      @Tempus I hope editing that thing was worth it.  :whistling:

    3. McVisuals


      @Emaniplex why are you still even here? Just trying to look for attention or can you just not let things go? 

    4. Emaniplex


      @McVisuals I'm not the one who brought it up again. Plus I live here.  ;)

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