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  1. where r u now?

  2. Long time, eh?


  3. Oh, I'm not going to finish it. I decided to quit animating this animation .
  4. I tried to make an animation , but I decided not to finish it half way through since the story line was pretty straight forward and had nothing really "unique" about it. I didn't want the project to go to waste, so I decided to post it. Next time, I'll probably try to plan out a story line first . Sorry if the animation isn't that great, if you have any feedback or criticism feel free to share it with me . Facial Rig by: @SKIBBZ Message Below for those who are willing to help me out, if not just ignore it:
  5. Welp, I tried to make an animation and ended up not finishing it in the end . Halfway through, I realized that there was no real story line and decided to put the animation to an end. I was mainly trying to get used to animating in this animation due to me taking a break from it for a while, so I apologize if it looks pretty bad or rusty. I tried experimenting with some things in the animation so feel free to give me any criticism or feedback . Credits: Facial and Pistol rig by: @SKIBBZ
  6. it's great how your still using the profile pic i edited for you.

    any chance we could still chat with each other since you aren't on the forums much anymore?

    1. SahnzAnimation


      You can try adding me on Skype, though I don't use it much anymore :sweat:. Sorry for replying a "bit" late, Notifications stack up after being inactive for a while :wacko:.

  7. You just reached 600 rep!

  8. It's been a while since I've posted anything due to the lack of inspiration I've been having . So after taking a break for a while, I've gained some of that back. I saw that Skibbz was hosting a collab, and I decided to join it, because why not? I hope you enjoy the animation, and sorry for it not being up to standard, being away from animation made me a bit rusty . If you have any sort of feedback feel free to share it . Credits: Blood particles and SFR Facial rig by: Skibbz
  9. Been a while since I've came on, what'd I miss? :sweat:

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Nimi


      Me being promoted to being a moderator.

    3. BAC0NB0Y


      Me begging for you to come back. Check your notifications, you probably have a lot to read...

    4. StiflingHat9897


      As much as I have, I haven't been keeping up with anything. But then again, I have been playing Breath of the Wild

  10. Hey guys, so I decided to make a Christmas animation, but I wasn't able to finish it in time due to the lack of time I had, so I apologize if the ending seemed like a cop out. The animation was of a weird idea I had, but I wasn't able to add back story to it which made it pretty confusing on why they're "fighting" each other. Still, I hope you enjoy the short animation. Credits: Most of the rigs in the video were made by @SKIBBZ
  11. plz no
  12. It isn't that easy to put out an animation, it takes time, so you can't just say "try to make a finished one every month". I like to try and put in effort for my animations instead of being like monster school creators where they try to put out a new one every single week without any effort done to them. I'd rather release a short video with effort put into it than a 1+ minute long animation that took around an hour or so to do. If the idea isn't interesting enough for me or the animation turns out bad, I won't release it to my viewers, and I'll start from scratch (Trust me I have over 100 animations in my archive that are unlisted YouTube videos ). I like to focus more on Quality than Quantity and give the people who follow me and support me at least some decent content that has time and effort spent into it.
  13. The scenery part was sped up slower due to it being 2 separate clips. Also, if you look at my content, I have a lot of unfinished works and also:
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