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  1. Potions Rig Pack!

    What's all the hate? I love it. I personally hate customizing the potions myself, it is wayy too much work. Great job.
  2. The Enchanting - Wallpaper

    Darn. Shouldn't have used that pack. Would regular bookshelves be fine next time?
  3. The Enchanting - Wallpaper

    Hey all! Here's my newest wallpaper. Enjoy and warning: this wallpaper is EDITED. Non-rendered and non edited: Credits: The Enchantment Era pack by Zovo KOC and Nexil's Facial Rig
  4. The Misty Cave

    I was going for that 'effect' -I guess it worked
  5. The Misty Cave

    Another one for you all. Enjoy.
  6. Bad Luck [Wallpapers]

    I love your facial expressions and creativity. The second and third wallpapers are really cool!
  7. "Forged" 3rd Wallpaper/Art

  8. The Alien Invasion [1K]

    What's that?
  9. WW1 Plane "Untextured"

    Epic rig!
  10. "END CITY" [4K Wallpaper]

    Looks epic. Just a few suggestions for the future: 1. Please edit those eyes. In my opinion, they are too small and they look like creepy zombies. 2. The torch flames look out of place. Maybe add more colors? Idk. Overall, great wallpaper. I liked your concept of using a 'transparent background in the first render, so you could add a custom background. Nice idea.
  11. The Alien Invasion [1K]

  12. TEST !

    The poses are fine. However, I agree there is wayy too much bloom. Turn it down next time.
  13. The Alien Invasion [1K]

    Hey, I got 2K! Awesome.
  14. The Alien Invasion [1K]

    Ikr.. My computer is really slow with mine-imator, so I can't render too much.. Let me try again with 2K
  15. The Alien Invasion [1K]

    WARNING: High Edited Wallpaper Hey all! This was my first attempt at a sci-fi wallpaper. Like usual, comment, suggest, like, etc. I hope you all like it. Rigs: Vixon Aircraft By Thericalviber
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