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  1. holy crap a three people got shot near my brothers school

  2. do mods even care about rules anymore? i just saw someone say the f word on a topic

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    2. Aronanners


      That and there are only two of us moderators, and we have to moderate both this and the Discord, so a few things are bound to fall between the cracks. We're only human, after all.


      Just send a report if you need a rule breaker taken care of, and we'll try to take care of it.

    3. Sebablixa


      Wait what happened to the other moderators

    4. Aronanners


      Retired for various reasons.

  3. had to erase everything from my computer because it stopped working

    1. Mobdestoryer


      Dang that gots to suck! I've had to do that atleast 3 times

    2. Corbscraft
    3. S3D


      I remember my old laptop having dozens of original rigs, animations, wallpapers, and other stuff.. Hard luck man

  4. someone give me ideas for mineimator

    1. Sebablixa


      Warhammer 40k

    2. Kapslock


      Car crash

    3. Ninja Dino

      Ninja Dino

      Extra T H I C C .

  5. o thx
  6. brb getting microsoft excel
  7. are you sure this is mineimator
  8. is it sad that it took me a year to get 526

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    2. Sebablixa


      Back in 2013 - 2014 when the forums were less populated with good animators and more people making silly things.

    3. ShadowGMC


      i used mineimator in 2013

      after a week i deleted it

    4. Sebablixa


      I meant the forums

  9. whoever owns after effects

    how do you add editing packs

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    2. ShadowGMC


      better than my specs

    3. Sebablixa


      After effects might as well take a ram stick from my computer cause it eats 4gb of ram just idling.

    4. ShadowGMC
  10. i just graduated

    1. Dannyboi


      Good Greggs.

    2. Chickenk122



    3. Sebablixa


      I also graduated going to high school.

  11. i have 2 editing softwares


    sony vegas

    they are both garbage

    lets try out after effects

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    2. BAC0NB0Y


      Vegas is complicated but it only takes a month to get decent at editing. After a year or so, you're basically a pro. I've been using that amazing program for over 2 years and have gotten extremely experienced with it. Don't give up just because something is complicated, that's what makes it fun.

    3. ShadowGMC


      @Mike i didnt pirate any of them. i used a free trial


      @BAC0NB0Y ok

    4. Colonel Muffin

      Colonel Muffin

      I use Movie Studio 13, basically a cheaper and watered-down Vegas. It's done everything I needed.

  12. check out juno im 100% sure that she has wwii weapons
  13. how to do invisible character

    alt + 255


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