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  1. ey yer ded k bye

    1. Simon G. Andersen

      Simon G. Andersen

      He was the only member on these forums that liked Iron Maiden, aside from me.

  2. This is not a wallpaper in the slightest
  3. Wow, that was AMAZING
  4. Your YouTube channel that's virtually non existent right now.
  5. Are they meant to be thumbs?
  6. Wooooaaaaahhhh... I love Chernobyl, great job!
  7. What drugs were you smoking when you made this and where can I get some?
  8. art

    I wouldn't call it 'art'
  9. MediaFire's good. Just select the folder you want to upload to MediaFire (I recommend compressing it first) then paste the download link here. Make sure it works by downloading it yourself first.
  10. Am I the only one who thinks it looks a bit too 3D? Seems like there's a bit too much to it
  11. Hey guys! Every single person on this forums seems to be making wallpapers now so I thought I'd give it a try!!!!! Suggestions on how to improve are encouraged!!!!! :DDDDDD This is my first wallpaper so please don't be mean!!!
  12. I applaud your honesty
  13. I'm British and we have tea and less morbidly obese people.
  14. What even is this
  15. I like how the camera shook as well
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