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  1. So from what you can see from my "Rank."

    I'm leaving the forums.

    "Why," you may be asking.

    The reason is, I'm leaving the forums because of the community. I'm done with it. There's so many rude people, people who cannot take constructive criticism, people who are just disgusting, people who are annoying. I'm honestly done. Yeah, not coming back unless I feel like it. Do not brag for me to come back, as I won't unless I say I will. You can find me in smaller servers, like SKIBBZ's, Jos', and Huzkii's. Add me on Discord: Niety#9642 if you want to still talk to me. Anyways, thanks for looking at this, I'm not coming back. And I don't regret leaving.

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. willingsas


      Hostility's for the weak and puny.

    3. BAC0NB0Y


      Honestly, after Portalized I'm just going. I can't take the unnecessary hatred from people here.

    4. Sonicxryan


      It is at this time I would say "Bye D:" backwards (inside 'joke'), but this isn't the time ;-;

      See ya man! :(

  2. The atmosphere and coloring is very beautiful Menace. Nice work!
  3. This will (probably.) be the last rig you'll see from me. Images: Features: +Extrusion on shoes, gloves, hair, body, and watch. +2 skins included. -No facials. Never will be included. Download: Please do not ask me why this will be the last rig you will see from me. I will post a status update about it sometime soon.
  4. garbage fad

    o boi a fight can this stop kthx
  5. One thing, no one likes Bendy. Also, this isn't "2D." Second, your name. eugh. I know this is your first rig, but it really needs a lot of work. 1.) Why are the arms different lengths. 2.) What is with the body? 3.) You used surfaces for the wings and the head. (I think you did.) 4.) If this is 2D, then why is the arms and gloves 3D? .3.
  6. It appears you cannot take a joke. :/
  7. 1h for this ?

    well that's your fault
  8. BOAT
  9. I'm trying to do a run without losing a single party member.

    turns out that doesn't go very well when they keep on getting killed

    1. Quickstreak


      a run in what?

  10. ooo, clashing styles, mY fAvOrItE
  11. happy birthday memelord

    1. willingsas


      Thank y'all. I really do appreciate all of the comments i've been gettin' about my birthday.

  12. beautiful I wish I could like right now
  13. 1h for this ?

    One thing, he's Belgium, second, why are you following a bump chain?
  14. Waaaay too extruded. Also, those eyes look weird. No eyebrows aswell.
  15. guns

    No, I don't hate DTO, but either way, nice retexture.
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