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  1. Worn-out Wooden Sword rig

    Here's the wooden sword rig that I created and used in my "Leshens" wallpaper yesterday. Previews: features: +extrusion on the wood +some grass thing to keep it together and stuff +rotation for hilt, blade, and guard Download:
  2. Leshens [Wallpaper]

    you're deAD to ME
  3. Leshens [Wallpaper]

    haha yes, a wallpaper. i had no other good names for this so don't kill me Unedited: overedited.png: leshen rig by @Winfell wooden sword by me which I might release sometime soon
  4. Pigeon Rig

    i'm pretty sure I would've put "Pigeon_" instead of "Pigeon"
  5. Pigeon Rig

    birbo rig, one of a kind. +a pigeon +animatable +is a birbo
  6. Steve Got banned

    way to be helpful by downvoting.
  7. I don't know, just something I had in mind. Unedited: Edited: There's like, only slight edits, but mk. Credits: @Nimi, @Mike, and @Quickstreak for their skins. @Emaniplex for their rig. @Pigeon_ for their rig.
  8. Yay, you are alive! 

  9. How do I create a Topic?

    Although you just posted a topic right now, this is what you need to do. Go to the specified section you want: Then click on here: Then start setting everything up! There should be more information for what to do in the topic somewhere in the forums.
  10. this new design looks cool and very weird

  11. Hotline Miami

    A wallpaper from a game that'll make you so pissed that you'll uninstall the game, not until you get the second game, which is just as hard. Anyways, movin' on. Non-edited: Edited: Credits: Jacket skin is from @willingsas Everything else is by me. Sometime soon, I might release the shotgun rig, eh.
  12. may or may have not just accidently deleted my whole entire mediafire uploads

    if there's a rig you need, please reply to this status update, I'll get back to it in a day or so

  13. Import Object Error (rig)

    Search it up in the search bar. Shouldn't be that hard.
  14. Import Object Error (rig)

    The modded version of Mine-imator.
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