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  1. may or may have not just accidently deleted my whole entire mediafire uploads

    if there's a rig you need, please reply to this status update, I'll get back to it in a day or so

  2. Search it up in the search bar. Shouldn't be that hard.
  3. The modded version of Mine-imator.
  4. If you're receiving that message, that means the rig is made in Mine-imator Community Build.
  5. Hello, just gonna post these 3 little wallpapers, because why not. View 1, edited and non-edited: View 2, edited and non-edited: View 3, edited and non-edited: This was inspired by @EthanForeverAlone's recreation of one of his old wallpapers. Credits: @MachineGunInc, @Pigeon_, @EthanForeverAlone, and @Mike for their skins. @Emaniplex for his rig.
  6. I'm mildly surprised this is still alive

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. EthanForeverAlone


      Im pretty sure he said he'd probably pop in sometimes.

    3. tditdatdwt


      Well that isn't really leaving the forums now is it?

    4. BaconGhast


      He said "I might come back", and that is somewhat rejoining the forums

  7. So from what you can see from my "Rank."

    I'm leaving the forums.

    "Why," you may be asking.

    The reason is, I'm leaving the forums because of the community. I'm done with it. There's so many rude people, people who cannot take constructive criticism, people who are just disgusting, people who are annoying. I'm honestly done. Yeah, not coming back unless I feel like it. Do not brag for me to come back, as I won't unless I say I will. You can find me in smaller servers, like SKIBBZ's, Jos', and Huzkii's. Add me on Discord: Niety#9642 if you want to still talk to me. Anyways, thanks for looking at this, I'm not coming back. And I don't regret leaving.

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    2. zinocat


      nuuuuu... whyyyy cringy 10 yr old kids making fads

    3. TheLionwarrior


      I will "not" cry.


    4. Dr. Cuto
  8. The atmosphere and coloring is very beautiful Menace. Nice work!
  9. This will (probably.) be the last rig you'll see from me. Images: Features: +Extrusion on shoes, gloves, hair, body, and watch. +2 skins included. -No facials. Never will be included. Download: Please do not ask me why this will be the last rig you will see from me. I will post a status update about it sometime soon.
  10. garbage fad

    o boi a fight can this stop kthx
  11. One thing, no one likes Bendy. Also, this isn't "2D." Second, your name. eugh. I know this is your first rig, but it really needs a lot of work. 1.) Why are the arms different lengths. 2.) What is with the body? 3.) You used surfaces for the wings and the head. (I think you did.) 4.) If this is 2D, then why is the arms and gloves 3D? .3.
  12. It appears you cannot take a joke. :/
  13. 1h for this ?

    well that's your fault
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