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  1. The Creature [Minecraft Horror Animation]

    Yeah. A sloth was actually the scariest skin I could find for an enderman, and I liked the look of it, haha.
  2. Modelbench Q&A

    So if im making a character I'd have to make the model in model bench then bring it into Mine-Imator and then I can adjust it to move as I want it?
  3. Bro, what the heck is this? O_o



    What the fu-(CHRISTIANROBLOXSERVER) is this?
  5. Skyblock the Return 1 (COMIC)

    *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack*
  6. Dancing Test :P

    I A M G O I N G T O C A L L T H E P O L I C E O N Y O U
  7. Ultimate Rig

    Distant laughter
  8. L Death Note (RENDER)

    Those toes are terrifying.
  9. Amazing Firewatch Mineimator Intro

  10. >Woke up.

    >Did daily routine.

    >Went to bus stop for school.

    >Me and my sister miss the bus.

    >We walk home in the rain.

    >Mom wants us to go to school.

    >We don't, neither does brother.

    >Totally got away with it.


    >Hears argument upstairs.

    >Brother and sister fighting over TV.

    >I start messing with my sister using my Roku remote app.

    >She gets mad at me and my little brother, and chases us.

    >Shes gets so mad she breaks my little brother's tablet.

    >Me and my sister are hiding in her room from my brother who now has a knife.

    >We eventually get out and capture my brother.

    >We try to tie him to a chair with plastic wrap.


    >Try to tie him up with rope.


    >We eventually fight a lot, and I end up punching my brother in the face for the first time.

    >He screams like Satan.

    >Eventually we resolve everything.

    >After some conversation we have another mission.

    >Flashback to the past

    >Me and my brother once buried all my sister's toys because we hate her.

    >Flashback to present

    >We accidentally told her about the toys and have to get them back.

    >I dig for about a couple minutes.

    >She gets her toys back.

    >We all come back home.

    The end. Probably.

    1. SkythecreeperCS
    2. Emaniplex


      Image result for pepe react scream

      >General child-like nonsense and mental processes


      I wish we had more formatting options...

    3. SteampunkSkeleton
  11. Looking for high graphic settings!

    Watch Kiepocu's videos.
  12. Best Friends

    How can you be friends with property?
  13. Coming soon...

    A mod for better rigging?
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