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  1. Palindel (RWBY weapon)

    Download plz
  2. Running cycle

    no pics no clicks
  3. Minecraft Character Art

    He isn't green...
  4. Furnace Minecart

    I think the coal is suppose to go into the furnace but okay
  5. New animation

    There are too many of these
  6. Just keep it moving

    The walking is really bad though
  7. Mine-Imator upgrade Problem

    Hi there , i've been trying to upgrade my mine-imator but it keeps saying This site is not accessible . Is there a problem with the site or is it just me?
  8. " Collapse "

    What texturpack is it?
  9. Anicide Studios | New Animation Group | Now Recruiting

    Youtube link : Your IRL name : Jean Have you ever been in a group before, and if so what is it? I'm actually in a group called TIGTV Productions , but they don't really do much right now . I want to become better at animating that's why I want to join. Previous animation you made and How experienced are you with mine-imator on a scale of 1-10? 7.5 What are you best at animation? Fighting,parkour
  10. Rig Requests

    A Wolf
  11. Are you ever going to make a profile pic?

  12. Punching test

  13. The Wanderer [Animation Poster]

    This reminds me of Kimi no na wa(Your name)
  14. Walking animation

  15. #RWBY Ruby Rose - Crescent Rose

    Her eyes looks creepy for some reason . But I like the weapon though .
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