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  1. Decocraft (Mod) to Mine Imator add

    You could make a texture pack with textures from the mod and import schematics with that. If you want models you're out of luck though unless you recreate them.
  2. Any Deviants out there willing to donate 20 Points so I can buy a FireAlpaca brush pack? Pls?

  3. [1982] TRON Lightcycles [Colourable]

    Like @XxEmeraldSquidxX said, they're pretty short. Tron bikes are long like motorcycles. These look more like minivans with steamroller wheels. Very nice job on the rigging though.
  4. Happy Birthday to MINE-IMATOR

    I think we should home school. Public schools are the worst.
  5. Phoenix Wrights (Godot)

    *spits out coffee* *magically has more* *spits more* That was a great game.
  6. fad 2 Rig Show off

    I don't think you guys understand. We don't dislike f.naf posts because f.naf. We dislike f.naf posts because most are made by amateurs and aren't good rigs. This, however, is a decent rig. Instead of telling him everything he's doing is terrible, or just "No", try giving him some actual advice on how to improve his work for the future. My criticism: The arms are a bit small: I'd recommend making them a bit larger. Also if this Mike is from F.naf 2 then shouldn't he be shiny and plastic rather than furry? I'd say you did a good job on this. I would recommend expanding your horizons and making your own original characters.
  7. Defending myself. [Wallpaper]

    The posing seems slightly rushed. Also his hand clips through the grass. Scenery is also slightly boring/limited. Lighting is good though.
  8. Batworld bungbung animation

  9. 8 members and 240 guests online??


  10. This chick needs a name. [Wall Paper]

    Lady Edgington I think is fitting but if you want to go even edgier I thought of the name Alice.
  11. How to add 3D Effects ( Specular ) on FLAT objects?

    Guys that's not what he means. He means the shine on the corners. Just use Paint.NET's magic wand to select hair or clothes and draw the effects yourself.
  12. [ ► ] - First Take Productions Group

    Absolutely but I would need source material.
  13. Woah new reactions.


  14. [ ► ] - First Take Productions Group

    Is it okay if I apply for multiple positions and positions that don't exist? Lol. Name: Pigeooon aka Colonel Muffin (ask IRL in discord) Age: (ask in discord) Expertise: Editing. I am experienced in Sony Movie Studios and know how to bring it to its limits. EXAMPLE. Graphic Design. I am experienced with Paint.NET and know how to push the program. I also have a bunch of plugins. EXAMPLE. I can also use Blender if needed. I made my YouTube profile pic. Extremely basic animation. EXAMPLE. Posing. If we're making wallpapers I'm a'ight at posing people. EXAMPLE. The second one looks strange, I know. I was just doing what he told me and he might not have the best taste. You can also poke around through my other videos for more expertise.
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