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  1. Actual good editing imo. Nice job. Those creatures also look really creepy, but I think the atmosphere would be even creepier if it was night time.
  3. Looks a lot like Grain. Liking it.
  4. 1111 likes my bois.


  5. You should add the text in an external program, like Paint.NET, instead of inside the program. Also the posing could use a little work. Looking alright otherwise.
  6. What @Dannyboi said; .obj is for other 3d programs like C4D and Blender, while .object is for Mine-imator.
  7. It's a rig guide on how to make rigs. It's a rig rig.
  8. Well no need to dislike the fellow's post. The program Mine-imator is written in, GameMaker, is unfortunately not capable of implementing extrusion. Unless you're a coding wizard. In that case, you can get the source code and try and make a mod for extrusion. The source code is probably in Mine-imator Discussion > Modding Discussion if you're interested.
  9. The explosion was too big to see most of it.
  10. Well flatlands don't look appealing to viewers either. If you're going to make an actual animation, scenery is one of the most important things. Flatlands deserve to be hated because it just shows that whoever made the animation didn't care enough to set up a proper setting. No offense, that's just my opinion. Also the thing about the animators-rather-than-viewers analogy is that you need to make your scenes and videos in general appeal to everyone.
  11. I don't think it's too overedited. Looks nice!
  12. You say that as if flatlands are fine and we're just nitpickers.
  13. I can only imagine the lag when playing on a normal world.
  14. Aw man, totally teased.
  15. You should make the lights light.
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