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  1. I revised my game's topic: the download should work now.

    Will probably tell you it's a virus but it's not I swear.

  2. If you have really good memory (or you've been stalking me) you may remember that I got a Udemy course on Game Development. Well while I was at it, I also got a Blender course.

    This is my first Minecraft render:


    Of course there's a lot of mistakes, such as the face being all sciwompus. Could have spent more time on it but I think it's an alright start.

  3. Which is why he needs criticism.
  4. Isn't the plural of fish just fish?
  5. I applied for thumbnailist but I can also edit. And one more example of a thumbnail:
  6. Nah they're good just saying those claws are so huge. It's awesome.
  7. Those claws are bigger than him.
  8. The lighting is slightly boring. It would be good if the room was darker to give the feeling it's actually a cave. Even just a simple vignette added would do pretty good. And what's the feeling you're trying to portray with the wallpaper: that it's homey and warm or cold and lonely? You should add slight warmth or coldness to the image depending on the answer. Also I see the vines are flowing in the wind. There's no wind in caves. Otherwise the wallpaper is alright, good job.
  9. Not to diss on your lifestyle but your family is diss-functional.
  10. Ah. I didn't set up the download correctly. Welp maybe I'll fix it when I feel like it.
  11. Hey everyone; I made a game. I started learning C++ and I'm going to be moving on the Unreal engine pretty soon. So this is my first real game. It's basically a small game that runs in the console where you need to guess a word randomly chosen from a list of 50 secret words. It's based off of a game called Mastermind if you've heard of it. Also it has nothing to do with animals. Just so you know, Windows will probably yell at you if you download it because I don't know how to make it think it's not a virus. I promise you, it's not a virus. The source code runs in Microsoft Visual Studio 2017. DOWNLOAD(246.5 KB) SOURCE CODE(3.86 KB) I would love to hear your feedback on the game!
  12. Hey I just started learning C++. Maybe in the future we'll cross paths as developers.
  13. sun

    Add a background object by clicking the crafting table and then the sun.
  14. Maybe you accidentally moved the destination folder of the projects. I would copy all your projects to a separate folder and reinstall.
  15. Started taking a Udemy C++ course. Coding is great.

    Especially when you spend 3 hours rewatching the lectures over and over and pouring over your code to figure out where you went wrong with your "Hello World" code and even call your coding-genius dad for help only to figure out you didn't install the IDE correctly.

    Coding is great.

    1. Dannyboi



      I was learning C# but due to everything being an absolute pain, I'm switching to C++.

      Also, which IDE do you use?

    2. Colonel Muffin

      Colonel Muffin

      I use Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017. It's free and easy to manage everything. It also even does some formatting for you in your code which is really nice sometimes.

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