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  1. You still have to get the full version for that too.
  2. Heyy, so I'm part of a server team thing, but the discord was attacked so I'm hoping to try and get some members back and maybe some new ones.

    The whole thing is run by @TardicMC

    1. Dannyboi


      Did it happen to be attacked by a bot called dtcOS?

    2. Nakoju


      @Dannyboi No, it was by some guy in a discord name Recast productions.

    3. Dannyboi
  3. Would I be considered dead by now?

  4. Find another link. If it has expired then that means that the time limit set to that link has expired.
  5. I made a discord that hopefully WONT DIE as soon as it starts.

  6. DeathUncraft?
  7. Should be in a museum.
  8. heyy dats pretty goo- OBJECTION you forgot the eye scarf...
  9. A quarter.
  10. easy. dig a 3 block hole and put dirt above you. nailed it.
  12. My skin should be under my icon. accessories are headphones, eye scarf thing, headphones, jacket, and boots. If you want to make it shorter (entirely fine) then just do the headphones, eye scarf thingy, and boots.
  13. I just hope I don't get crushed like last time.
  14. Something with authentication.
  15. Being new isn't an excuse. Also, most of those comments weren't hate. You're doing what "new people" do when they get constructive criticism.
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