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  1. I made a swag


    1. EthanForeverAlone


      2014 called, it wants its word back.

    2. Nakoju



      shushshshhh, 2014 no longer exists...

  2. They all look insane... Are they walking to the asylum?
  3. Hey, I making Hacknet coolness.


  4. wtf i need help

    You need a better video card.
  5. It NightMargin's bday!

    yaaaay, OneShot and games..

  6. Prototype Supah

    I believe you meant "should"
  7. You still have to get the full version for that too.
  8. Heyy, so I'm part of a server team thing, but the discord was attacked so I'm hoping to try and get some members back and maybe some new ones.

    The whole thing is run by @TardicMC

    1. Dannyboi


      Did it happen to be attacked by a bot called dtcOS?

    2. Nakoju


      @Dannyboi No, it was by some guy in a discord name Recast productions.

    3. Dannyboi
  9. Would I be considered dead by now?

  10. Mine-Imator Discord

    Find another link. If it has expired then that means that the time limit set to that link has expired.
  11. I made a discord that hopefully WONT DIE as soon as it starts.

  12. ask lifecraft anything

  13. JoshTheStupad's Life Story [Madbox Animations]

    Should be in a museum.
  14. heyy dats pretty goo- OBJECTION you forgot the eye scarf...
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