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  1. Si

    no. wot
  2. Wait, the community build is discontinued? I thought there was a new release coming out a month or something from now.
  3. In case you wanted to revive the server:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. lifecraft


      wat is Terminal_9 m8?

    3. Nakoju


      @lifecraft Terminal_9 is going to be a VERY confusing series.

      It is going to be about three heroes going around saving different dimensions by any means EVEN if they have to die for it.

      So, thats the long and the short of it

    4. lifecraft


      oh ok, sound cool

  4. Looks at it* Meh Looks at scarf* O MAH Overused joke, GIV NOW.
  5. 566 rep.


    1. Simon G. Andersen

      Simon G. Andersen

      Just hundred more, and Lucifer will be proud. ^_^

  6. you quoted me twice there
  7. Use the one next to me as the regular. Heres the zombified one: I'm not sure if it's too bad, its going to take more time for me to make it "good" but this is the one for now.
  8. What version do you have? If your trying to get the official version of the latest mine-imator then you must be using the wrong link to it. The link now is If you already have the latest version, then your looking for the community build which a simple search will help you find.
  9. life animation warning

    welp, he lost his.
  10. life animation warning

    Man, this guy should get a LIFE giv me Overused joke plz
  11. you mean weird? Seems like you used google images, sometimes the link doesn't directly go to the image file. Find the image again and paste that in your browser and go on from there. If that doesn't work then download it and upload to some website like imgur or deviantart.
  12. Oh, by the way, its Dreemurr not dreemur.
  13. who needs phones when you can just type in a 3ds browser. me.

    1. Nakoju


      now that I think of it, that doesn't really make any sense

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