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  1. Mine-Imator Animator Battles

    There's a reason why it hasn't been updated-- MGB is a dead and recycled concept.
  2. Fighting Practice

    Off topic replies have been hidden due to derailing the topic. Further off topic replies will be hidden and possible warnings will be disputed.
  3. Super Compatible Mouth Rig

    Because the mod is discontinued(which you can find out why in the topic's comments) and David will likely eventually add them to Mine-imator anyways sometime in the future.(Which idk when, so don't ask me when the next update will come out.) Also, don't report your message, press the quote button on the person you're replying to's message and write your message and click "submit reply".
  4. Super Compatible Mouth Rig

  5. Please. Help!

    Try re-installing Mine-imator(backup projects before doing so) and loading the projects manually from their project folders. If that doesn't work, the project(s) could possibly be corrupt.
  6. Mine-imator doesn't support loading worlds that aren't from the Java edition due to format differences between the worlds from different editions of Minecraft and the Java edition.
  7. Cant open Mine-imator

    Try installing this.
  8. I'm not the person to ask for features for vanilla, and there's already an auto save system. The files are saved as .mbackup files and are in the same folder as the project file. Also, when updating Mine-imator, just backup your projects beforehand if it's wiping your projects.
  9. Go to your profile and click this.
  10. Possible? Yes. Dynamically like the shaders mod for Minecraft? No, to add additional shaders to Mine-imator besides the already existing ones(Shadows, SSAO, DOF, ect.), you have to program them in manually.
  11. Structures and 1.9 combat. Structures give you something to look for and help break apart from the casual Mining-Crafting-Building loop Minecraft has. 1.9 added the element of strategy to combat, making it more fun and engaging than spam clicking.
  12. You can't load it because it doesn't support it.
  13. "1.11: The Exploration Update" Rig Pack

    Don't have time to keep making rig packs, and there are a few parrot rigs out on the forums I believe. Here's a couple; If I remember correctly, I released this during the 1.11 snapshots. Early versions of the community build also had the old texture, which was then fixed when the new front texture of the observer block came out.
  14. "1.10: The Frostburn Update" Rig Pack

    1.) I'm not updating old rig packs, don't have time. 2.) Change the instance's name to whatever you want and that'll be the default for any copies of that instance. 3.) Cubes don't support custom UV(Maybe you could use the offset and repeat values.) to adapt certain parts of textures as their texture.
  15. "1.11: The Exploration Update" Rig Pack

    No, that's why I added the template, so you guys can do them yourselves cause I don't have the time.
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