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  1. Portal 2 Elevator Rig

    I would update my Not to be used portal styled TARDIS interior with this but 2 things: one too lazy to do it, two if I use it on a video It's most likely I will forget To credit and if you find it out I will be kinda disapointed on myself for forgetting
  2. Well I won't Be Posting My FAD or as people actually call the game FNA. F Rigs here anymore (hopefully) if you are interested on getting your hands on my rigs I will start Posting them on My DeviantArt. where I will post teasers for rigs Of the topic or Other rigs I aim doing Some more Doctor Who Rigs and Posting rigs such as my Improved version of Allemn's Dalek Model anyways that's all 

    Here's My DeviantArt Link:

    1. Chaukeke


      Ok then... gtg follow you then.

  3. yeah. also you should make Infinite
  4. Requested by me by the way
  5. Kylo Ren's Lightsaber

    I am happy this exists. I was looking for a good Kylo Ren Lightsaber for Ages
  6. the Springtrap Pack

    I am working on That already.
  7. the Springtrap Pack

    hey everyone Here is an other FAD (I said FAD not F.NA .F) with an other rig pack edit of Darl's Rigs. Yaaayyy. this one has no pictures because I wasted all my day making a video. but the video includes them Thankfully (well i would say it's a good thing but for not for all. SpringBonnie Has only his head shown) since I see many people edit my rigs for other characters I thought I make them for you people Showcase of the rigs in there. (also a preview of the updated Pack (well for the fox) Download: that is all. I regret Making this. I only did it because I Don't like my rigs to be edited since they won't make a character like I would make them PS: How Much hate this can get?
  8. springbonnie mephilis12

    as i said on your other post. I Have a springtrap model on my youtube channel if you want it. Perhaps you could use that for a better spring bon
  9. new f.n.a.f pack (If you hater of F.N.A.F DONT CLICK)

    I Dislike the Spring Bon suit and the Empty Fredbear suit. but knowing this is the mine imator community I am not surprised. I Have a springtrap model on my youtube channel if you want it. Perhaps you could use that for a better spring bon
  10. Scooper

    I would like a ball of Baby and some BonBons on top
  11. The Moment {Rig} [Doctor Who]

    Hello. And Welcometo my Second rig. this one is From one of my favorite TV Shows. Doctor Who. this is the Moment from the 50th anniversary "The Day Of The Doctor" This Model Includes Spinning Sections Here is the Download: Moment.rar?dl=0 Pictures:
  12. The titan king [Warning : Massive ]

    I have been waiting for this. don't know why I just did. Looks amazing mate
  13. F.N.A.F Rig Pack

    I will make an update post linking my DeviantArt which will be where i will post fad rigs from now on
  14. F.N.A.F Rig Pack

    Naw. The 2,3 and 4 packs will be on my DA. So no worries Don't want to play smart but i did credit the base model creator. And also he liked the models. So i don't know
  15. F.N.A.F Rig Pack

    I did I say I will work On just F.N.A.F.? Nope I am planning on working on Many other stuff. Like Doctor Who or Many other stuff.
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