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  1. Did you use photoshop and It looks awesome
  2. I got bored and I just make this for fun I didn't have time for particles because im busy on something
  3. It's because school block imgur
  4. springbonnie

    Um no I really don't like fad, the fandom, and this rig m8
  5. springbonnie

    No get out of that fandom
  6. Updated Extrude on 2k17 Fmr 5.0


    Lightroom by McMinetube

  7. I didn't know you watch rick and morty
  8. Final episode of Samurai jack was great

  9. Recreated the movie scene
  10. Dont you forget Nerf gun if you are Coward to get closer
  11. rigs

    Go to rig topic and search the name on rig
  12. No but this video can
  13. Good for Newbie
  14. You should called Worst 2017 Intro Please all of the intro were poorly made on blender, maya, C4d, Bad animation, Fighting was awful, The Text and camera shake is giving my brain cell dead, and Finally, The fight just making you think you're awesome but no. btw The song was overused
  15. Why not find it yourself? There is alot of rigging on topic
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