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  1. Saying go to hell can make yourself as very bad person we gave critism so do not complaining other people
  2. I forgot i post this on wrong topic @Nimi Can you move the topic to wallpaper please
  3. Credits to @Skincraftxza for Finn and Jake rig 4K image I hope you like it
  4. Damn 2017 trending is getting more worse than 2016

    Such as Hotdog dancing on snapchat, Fidget spinner, New Internet phenomena and others

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Creeper2555


      Don't you dare despise our lord hot dog.

    3. Slime
    4. Chaukeke


      Wait... Internet phenomenon = M.E.M.E ???

  5. Finally someone else make a rigging of my favorite cartoon You get a 1+ like
  6. I can't wait for Kingdom hearts 3



  7. trapnation

    You need more rep so we can know you
  8. Great start to post a render Nice job
  9. rig

    Don't post fad here because almost everyone here hate fad
  10. Don't post fad here everyone hate it Edit: Really you downvote me for no reason you know I warned you
  11. Remove the watermark
  12. rigs

    Nice work
  13. Nice
  14. My first render on MMD


    I'm new to this software I need to learn more very soon

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