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  1. Hello gyus. Im want to try my skills in rigging, but i havent ideas. Please help me. If you need a RIG write in comments bellow...
  2. So big
  3. We miss you ^-^

  4. Not so bad ^-^ Where is download link?
  5. SIMPLE 3D DYNAMITE STICK RIG! Hello guys! Im present to you my SIMPLE 3D DYNAMITE STICK RIG! Sorry for no texture , i tried dont use images for portable .object with no archive. Image: Download Link:[CLICK] Also can check:
  6. sphhhhheeeeeeereeeesssssssss... But its good %^-^
  7. So good mate!
  8. Best wolf rig ever i seen!
  9. GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!!!!! Like if you know %^-^
  10. I dont like fad but its AWESOME!
  11. No pic , no download
  12. Its a best Steve/Alex RIG ever i know!
  13. Good model , but where textures?
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