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  1. Thank you!
  2. Actually, i Might be use children replace that cow and pig in the picture but l'm too lazy to make another child rig. Rig Dark Snake made by : Wave SkyAce
  3. Oh! Dang, I forgot to credit that barrel Rig. (So sry)
  4. Outdoor Assets : @SKIBBZ Rig Character : @Si.
  5. I'm working on something, it will be finished soon. xD




    1. Si.


      tell me please :rolleyes:


  6. Thank you, i'm really appreciate it.
  7. l'm so sry, but idk what i just click and then my comment just gone...oh wait! it's still there!
  8. Thanks you! I'm really appreciate. Thx! I'm so sorry about speed art.
  9. Actually, i record speed art of this picture but my speed art files has error, l'm tried to fix it but it didn't work.
  10. vvvvvv
  11. looks good. Keep it up!
  12. Here you go ! Maybe next time I'll do speed art for next picture.
  13. yeah i see that, Maybe i should add some animals at around the dragon's legs. (Thx for ur opinion)
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