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  1. In my opinion The Less Edited is look great! but The More Edited is look good to, and i think you just need to add some grass in the picture that would be great!, cause it look empty for me. (btw nice lighting)
  2. Thank for ur idea mate! (That why i make this picture.)
  3. oh! now i get it.
  4. What dose it mean? Is this a joke or something?
  5. I'm not sure about that. (Endergirl Maybe?!?)
  6. Maybe, next time i should use other Web image deposit. (Thank for your comment)
  7. yub, The picture quality really seems a bit low and i don't know why.
  8. Hope you like it!!
  9. oh That's a good idea. thank mate!
  10. Hey! It's look pretty good.
  11. Actually, I recorded This Speed Art but it have a problem and i can't fix it.
  12. Texture Wood + Cube = This Picutre i mean i just use texture wood + cube for the wall,table and chair.
  13. ahhhh Look at the light. it's just....just fail. (too lazy for fix it) Hope you like it!
  14. I'm so sorry, it's my bad for forgot to add what texturpack it is. It's ChromaHills. OMG! I'm thankful for that compliment.
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