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  1. Thank for your advice! >:3
  2. Thank for your advice! I'll try it for next animation.
  3. Oh yay!! Finally!! I can finish this animation. Dx (I have to wait 7 hours for render this animation...darn you, point lights!!) And I hope you enjoy my second narrative animation!
  4. You're killing me! D;)
  5. junkyard

    It just needs time to get people to see your wallpaper. (and u just got 26 view for this time but trust me The view of this wallpaper it gonna be over 9000 soon!!!)
  6. junkyard

    I really like it! (:D
  7. looks really good!
  8. Some animation I'm working on it! I'm sure it will be finish soon. :D


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Menace


      What a coincidence! :D

    3. _BlueAsyl


      Add my skin boi ( jk )


    4. RiggedPixels11


      Cool! what is it about?

      Oh its a secret?

  9. it's really good!
  10. I use Photoshop Cs5 and Sony vegas 13.
  11. Ohhhh I got it now.
  12. Thank you! (:D Keep fighting! What's happend? Why you can't say "mate"?
  13. Hope you like it! Rig Ender dragon and Rig Knight made by @ky_09095 Map : Texture Pack : Chroma Hill
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