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  1. Just become Hyperdream Member
    BOI such happy, thanks guys


  2. Remake From Mine-Imator To Cinema 4.D

    Just show you guys, the model i just make From Mine-Imator to Cinema 4.D Here u go Maybe i can remake some your model or rigs to Cinema 4.D Hope you guys like it~
  3. i really love making stuffs from mine-imator to c4d
    Original rig by @Juno


    1. LIsPixel


      rig here


  4. Some My Artwork Creation

    welp, just sharing my creation wallpaper and art here enjoy :T Hope you guys like it ty ty :T
  5. having so much fun using wacom pentab
    and here wallpaper i just make for my friend

    such good~

  6. My Artwork / Project 2017

    Just sharing my artwork hope you guys like it and here another one, with gfx And this some model i make Here u go hope you guys like it
  7. Testing Project Medieval Stuffs

    Just sharing my model i just make hope you like it Wanna see my wips? here u go Hope you like it Thank you!
  8. Some Project Rig, Artwork

    Just sharing my artwork project rig, etc here hope you like it Just that thx you
  9. Some Artwork, Project, Collab

    Here some my project with my team and some friend twitter well yeah i think it's not problem ehh sharing some my work :T Collab Project Artwork Model Render / Artwork Well yeah just that hope you like it, with my project here (i think :p)
  10. Some Stuffs Render And Model

    i make it for ethan
  11. Some Stuffs Render And Model

    using my own model by myself use Cinema 4D
  12. Some Stuffs Render And Model

    Yes because it's out off topic
  13. Some Stuffs Render And Model

    just sharing my project model,etc some stuffs. ok? well yeah here u go Model Render You can check there my all work project thx you
  14. 10 / 10

    1. Minecraftvinnyq


      wow that looks amazing!!

      keep up the good work!

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