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  1. Happy day of the birth!

  2. Here comes Felix the Cat from that shitty horror fangame.
  3. It's uhh... It's fairly well made I guess. But, it's very.... Strange.
  4. I was just told by my mother that the cartoon channel 'Boomerang' is back.

    I ran down the stairs to see for myself, and HOLY SHIT, I'M GLAD TO FINALLY HAVE GOOD CARTOONS AGAIN!

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. EthanForeverAlone


      The cartoons on it. They were shit, I think he means that the Hanna Barbera stuff is back.

    3. Pigeon_


      To be honest, I don't know whats currently airing on it. I never knew it didn't leave. All I hope for is that they play the good stuff.

    4. Quickstreak


      yeah mikes right i always had boomerang

  5. The character sprite looks like it could use some improvement. But other than that, take my upvote. Also I believe in you!
  6. First, i'd have to disagree with this: Second, this is still a small "loving" community. In some ways we aren't exactly loving, such as fad content, we don't exactly welcome it here. (unless it's high quality) But we are still a community that supports each other in a way. Third, I can't come up with a third response to this.
  7. He's supposed to be looking back in a way.
  8. Oh my god your alive! Well, your not really flying, your just holding on to Sticky's side like King Kong (in a way.).
  9. People from left to right: @Colonel Muffin, @EthanForeverAlone, @CaptainClipy, Me, @-StickyMations-, @TheLionwarrior, @NietyFox, @MachineGunInc, @Salaudo, @Emaniplex, @Enchantek, @lifecraft
  10. What could this be? :ph34r:


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    2. Spectral


      It's a picture but for every pixel I get a dollar
      I currently have 75 cents

    3. TheLionwarrior


      its funny how my character looks alot more detailed in less detail

    4. Salaudo


      i think its... everyone running from a boulder!

  11. Hey who ever wants to be In a wallpaper thing comment now or forever hold your peace.

    I'll be taking about... I dunno lets say 6.

    Just send your skin.

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    2. Salaudo


      Take mine, my IGN is: Salaudo

    3. Pigeon_


      @Salaudo You've managed to join in at last minute.

    4. Salaudo
  12. Everything has lighting. You just gotta adjust the light sources.
  13. It needs some lighting. Look up 3 point lighting and practice with it.
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