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  1. vroom

    >looks at computer manufacture date. 2011
  2. If you can show us some good work, we might think about it. Contact me on discord
  3. ltDe5q8.png




    Coming soon.... (really soon)

  4. Go right ahead! just be sure to give credit
  5. Thanks for the tip! I'll be sure to do that with the other sabers I make.
  6. On topic: Thanks for liking it!
  7. Here is a basic lightsaber rig, the download will be a .object that you can import into an animation. Basic overlook: Blade activation: Cool pose: Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/l77295iqjg9zbq4/Anakin-Luke-Rey+Lightsaber.zip Enjoy! (ps Credit me when you use this in your animations)
  8. This could turn out very interesting...
  9. So bored I had to like it
  10. Made with MI, and animated to look like the original, Nexel tries to show a busy Zeeno his "little dance". BTW It's supposed to look pixel-y. Here's the original: Enjoy!
  11. I have a glorious Palpatine voice. Zeno knows it.
  12. He said he would let us know when he is done. Be patient.
  13. When Chucking and I made our separate edits to the rig, I made mine without long fingers. If you prefer that then that's what my version is for. Please remember that if you are using my rig, credit Chucking too, he did a lot of work with me.
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