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  1. Coming soon...

    Can't wait
  2. F.N.A.F. Mega Mashup Collab

    Hosted by me Featuring over 15+ animators (Mine-imator/Blender/Cinema4D)
  3. Happy Birthday birday boi!

    Looking forward to your next animation!

    P.S. Making a render for ya soon. 👍

  4. Yo, Happy Birthday.

  5. Prototype Supah

    Its what I enjoy though I respect your opinion
  6. I have seen all of your dino rigs

    They are impressive

    So my favourite one is the Velociraptor

    Can you make alt colour cuz I want Echo, Charlie, Delta and Blue


    1. Quickstreak


      i guess you can say its


  7. Prototype Supah

    I still am
  8. Prototype Supah

    I'm proud of this one
  9. One of the most hardest and probably the worst enemy to run into in Breath of the Wild. Animation isn't that good, but still, just serves as a small showcase Download!:
  10. Boy, you need more 66 reps!

  11. Bendy The Dancing Demon!

    Yeah, I've noticed that. I'll do that next time
  12. Bendy The Dancing Demon!

    Bendy The Dancing Demon! Now in Mine-imator! Rig by Supah.exe | Props and expressions by SansDeGamer55 Download:
  13. :I_approve: top notch :I_approve:

  14. The Greatest Show Unearthed!

    Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and ghouls! May I have your attention, please! Take a seat. Enjoy the show!
  15. Ignited Love

    Nice! I hope your relationship lasts long!
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