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  1. Boy, you need more 66 reps!

  2. Yeah, I've noticed that. I'll do that next time
  3. Bendy The Dancing Demon! Now in Mine-imator! Rig by Supah.exe | Props and expressions by SansDeGamer55 Download:
  4. Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and ghouls! May I have your attention, please! Take a seat. Enjoy the show!
  5. Nice! I hope your relationship lasts long!
  6. How do I join your next collab?

    1. OfficialCUYT
    2. Awesome Emerald

      Awesome Emerald

      Um yeah sorry dude. I'm just asking because he hasn't posted one on the forums or his YT channel.

  7. Hey can I have your rigs? Like the ones in Below the Surface? Pweese ^w^

  8. Darl already uploaded them. Should be in the rigs section
  9. Yes he did. He made all of them
  10. Don't care. I'm gonna keep it alive. But thanks
  11. Tired of those bad f.n.a.f. rigs? Well, I have the rigs for you! (These were made by Mr. Darl, I just made the animation)
  12. Sorry about that. I try to find songs that fit with my story, most of them are f.n.a.f. songs because of the whole animatronic aspect
  13. Needs work, but I can see where you got the concept from (hint: its based on my rig)
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