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  1. Ohh unbelievable Thanks!!!
  2. Hi folks I'm Ponlawat or PlGMCDesign. maybe you can't remember me I ever make an wallpaper and some animations. With m-i and Photoshop. ok I'm Dis(able)appear From here to long time because I'm lazy and i have school work and Home work too lot to do Who come from Mine-imator University, Minecraft Animator Universe Thailand and Social Media Designer [TH] Group... you can see all my pictues in there... So... Today I'm comeback (Maybe ?) And This is all my wallpapers Thanks for watching #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 //My latest You want to fallow me? //Nah Ok nevermind... You can fallow me in Facebook and Youtube <--- "Click The text" I hope you Have a good day
  3. I know, so many people create MCIRL stuff. but i do not mine. This old pic and My speedart Thx for all comment
  4. i love it. But i want to try fullscreen of Version 1.0.0 ;w;
  5. Minecraft in Real life? #2

    Oh... I'm sorry - -'
  6. Minecraft in Real life? #2

    Umm.....I'm Noob =w= Speedart :3
  7. Wallpaper number 1. Before After Wallpaper number 2. Before After =w=
  8. This's my wallpaper #4

    Hello everyone, I lost a lot because it was busy learning a little. But so be it Several days ago, I made a wallpaper 1 piece because it is very busy during the last ........ I do not know what to say anyway. And This is a speedart behind the wallpaper piece.
  9. [COLLAB] Summer Collab 2 !

    Want to join! But I'm not sure I can share with you the message I did.
  10. I'm lazy, make it glow in the background only.
  11. Hello everyone Several days before my friends have told me that as Mine-imator worse than Cinema 4D, so I decided to do this without any editing. And here's the evidence. And one of the facebook group questioned whether the blurring of the front camera editing. So it ..... I set the camera like it. This has only just come into effect at the forums are just lazy.
  12. Mind The Gap Collab Finale - Gap To The Future

    OK, finished! Download video : http://www.mediafire.com/download/qr5o8d3hrbrxvmj/Mind+the+Gap-Gap+to+the+Future.mp4 Video from youtube link : https://youtu.be/nLsZsRoY96o Had only one hour to get to work. Hope it works
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