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  1. where is the shadows?
  2. I like undertale. but.. the sans fangirls.. even for me that thing is the purest source of cancer(same with Francisco Pizzaro fangirls) ontopic : It's not that bad for a newbie.
  3. it's not what i expected.
  4. I mean what are you doing before it crash, not what's time when it's ok, next time I'll be more specific.
  5. animation

    pretty good for a newbie, I like it.
  6. Well.. this is not helping... at least post some image or tell us when did it crash also Mine-imator is not a game.
  7. this is your first post right?(edited : no it's not) here's some problem people here hate fad unless it's really good your profile pic is just edited/ recolour of other people work EnchantedMob's animation is impressive but... his Models /Rigs is.... cringe.. your name is hard to read.
  8. tis is spoopy 12/10
  9. I discovered something called "Kemo" today..
    if you wonder what it is. It's furry fusion with anime.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Miku-Chan


      God help us all...

    3. Peachfig


      Do you mean chemotherapy? Surely, anything furry related is cancer.

    4. Dannyboi


      I think I want to vomit. :sick:

  10. Oh.. my god this is awesome, I want one. :v :v :v :v :v Colour : cyan, very dark blue Weapon : Laser cannon Glow effect : yes Textures : no
  11. HERE'S BENDY!! Feature - Extremely lazy body and legs - different mouth for lip-sync( If you have enough effort ) - And the most importantly... Neck Download Mega
  12. "dEATH" --> "HTA3b"
  13. I expect a rig, not sprite.
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