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  1. Yes, they do.
  2. one of my favorite show is about 

    12 years old kid playing with his stretchable friend.

  3. It's just sprites.. with colour.
  4. it's pretty amazing that you recreate the whole map. also what with the fanart?? it can't be that disturbing right?? edited : I was wrong.
  5. It's take about 15 minute, CaZaKoJa's tutorial helped me a lot *Thank* I hope you like it. BTW I don't know any good song so I just put random song I know from the Internet phenomenon list.
  6. *watching puppy videos*

    *scroll down*

    flame war.

  7. rig

    No pic, not gonna click.
  8. I forgot 144p existed.
  9. undertale

  10. Minecraft but replace gold with butter Pack.

    coming soon...


    1. Mike


      I honestly thought that the whole "call gold butter" thing died out years ago

      I was sadly mistaken

    2. Creeper2555


      Dead Internet phenomenon is my favorite. It's dead but gold.

  11. MI 1.12

    player now walk backward straight... MINECRAFT IS RUINED!!

    1. x3j50



  12. 5555+
  13. Well... now I know how to fix it you just have to spam click the save button( actually, just click the save button about 2-3 times. )
  14. Noice!
  15. Hi this is my terracotta buildings, i just experimenting with these new blocks and I think it is really good. Here's some of my buildings I named this building "EnchantedHell" "Pink Hall" "Paint room" and "Nuuuu!!! MICRAFT IS RUINED!!" Hope you like it :v :v :v :v
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