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  1. Inferno cop rig!2xsnxLhJ!LpQD_9dzaLY_gNxPCPGmfmzeRKxbdPZear6jGosvPh4 I have no regret.
  2. Coming soon...

  3. "Pork Soda" [Animation M.E.M.E]

    +1 upvote reason : PORK SODA
  4. Ink Bendy Rig

    Look pretty good, but I think the head should be less pixeled.
  5. how to make tofu delicious.

    step 1 :  buy egg tofu. 

  6. Twisted bonny (fad)

  7. Twisted bonny (fad)

  8. Twisted bonny (fad), that the withered one can open the extra jaws, I just close them as default because animating the extra jaws can be a bit difficult.'re right.
  9. Twisted bonny (fad)

    I don't know.. probably about 4-5 hours. nah.. more like some random mascot got hit by a car, fall into acid pool and then got infected by an alien virus.
  10. Twisted bonny (fad)

  11. Twisted bonny (fad)

    Hi, well this is my new fad rig, at first I was gonna release all four twisted animatronics but making one of these is a nightmare, and I probably won't make all of them anyways so I just gonna release the first one now(I probably make another one in September) Download - U -
  12. Spoiler


    I'm scared. 

    1. Chaukeke


      I have done some weird things in my life. Watching this was the weirdest.

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