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  1. @Sonicxryan
  2. Is that Kazuma?


    (your profile picture)

  3. d73d9720d86948aa448444e651a934a1.png

    Are you Mine imator, C4D and a rigger?

    i dont get it

  4. oh Glad im not the only one
  5. Why are you commenting this on someone else's topic?
  6. Mimikyu! My favorite pokemon!
  7. I don't even know anymore

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Ninja Dino

      Ninja Dino

      @Minecraftvinnyq Actually there's 4 of them. :teehee:

    3. Minecraftvinnyq


      "Grabs stuff and gets in a moving van in an flash"

    4. Artamiel Crescent

      Artamiel Crescent

      wait I thought I was the only one.....

      ok    .-.

  8. These look great!
  9. (optional)YouTube channel name + link: Here Your IRL Name: Patrick Romeo Have you ever been in an animation group before, and if so what is it?: I've been in alot of animation groups, like FSP and alot of other. Previous animations you've made: Haven't made animations lately but, Here, Here and Here How experienced are you with Mine-Imator on a scale of 1-10?: 6-7 What are you best at in animation? (ex. fighting, parkour, ect.): Fighting, pretty much.
  10. I need ideas for a rig, wallpaper or an animation i can make.

    1. Cybernetic Cinema

      Cybernetic Cinema

      Well, I am about to animate an idle dragon. Wanna do that too?

      He will be idle flying

    2. Nakoju


      Sitting down animation.

    3. Minecraftvinnyq
  11. Ay, i got accepted!
  12. Changed. Don't kill me
  13. Check pm
  14. Damn, these looks awesome Lis!
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