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  1. "Shaders" in Mine-Imator?

    Don't make it all white, i recommend having the ambient light at a dark pink/purple or a dark blue, That screenshot looks like it was edited in a third party software, but you should check out kiepocu's tutorials and Skibbz lighting tutorial.
  2. I haven't been quite active here and probably wont be very active, first off. I stopped with mi in general and i also found Game development and Drawing really fun, but i will probably post some art or some teaser for future projects :) 

  3. Looking for high graphic settings!

    Oh god no. I can't tell if you are joking but thats not good graphic settings, i suggest you just play around with the ambient color and the settings in general to find what you think looks the best, also some people edit their animation/wallpapers in other softwares, like, after effects or photoshop.
  4. Best Friends

  5. Look at the lips...! Animated

    You should use scenery, else it looks lazy. But the animation doesn't look that bad.
  6. Coming soon...

    oh shi-
  7. Just made and released my first game ever! its only a rock paper scissor game but it's still my first :)

    1. Dr. Cuto

      Dr. Cuto

      God damn, mah PC is 32 bit :[

    2. Patrick
  8. Pixel Render (picture)

    The textures probably took like 20 minutes.
  9. My art improvement since I left

    Ayy, you're here!
  10. minepad rig

    Having stretched textures looks very bad in my opinion. You should try to make a custom texture for it.
  11. Slow Motion????

    What he is trying to say is. make it slower.
  12. Defending myself. [Wallpaper]

    I wanted to try keep the minecrafty feel but not to much, i had problems with the pigman jumping pose though. Thanks
  13. Haven't used mine imator in a couple of months.. And probably wont use mineimator in a couple of months.
  14. This wasn't that bad for a first to be honest. But if you are gonna make a custom mouth atleast remove the mouth on the skin.
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