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  1. My friend ordered a PC for 3,5k Dollars.

    Last time I checked he only watches Netflix..

    1. Zeno



    2. Dannyboi


      Hey, better to have a beefy one, just in case.

  2. snowball

    You should post some picture of it. So we can see what the rig looks like before downloading it. im downloading it. wish me luck EDIT: This rig looks really good for your first. One tip though, stick to a style, if the body is square maybe the whole bunny should be square too?
  3. what did i just witness?
  4. Made a new skin for my OCĀ "Patrick" (Yes im very creative with my names)


  5. Still don't get it.
  6. I still don't understand what was funny there.
  7. Code Ment*
  8. Nice!
  9. You called.
  10. lazy animation

    This animation is ok I suppose, but here are some tips. The Bloom is a bit too much. Add scenery, flatlands just looks.. Lazy IMO. When he is talking make sure to move the body, and not only his head.
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