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  1. I should quit forum for a while until I can control myself and get myself calm. My apologies what was just happened. I'm sorry, sometimes I can't control myself and get really angry so I want to express my feelings here but I know I shouldn't. I just can't control myself. My apologies.

    I put a lot of efforts in my entry and it is my best work ever. And after I knew that my entry had issues and didn't make it, I felt depress. And I can't get myself calm until now. I must quit forum for while now, I don't know if I'll be back but who cares about me huh?

    Farewell, forum. Maybe I'll be back if I'm in good mood.

  2. I heard thunders but there's no raining...

    1. Lapis Productions

      Lapis Productions

      pam pam parapampam parapampam pam pam

    2. Mike


      sounds like your mother's out for a stroll

  3. then can I re-send as mp4? or it is too late... I think it's already late...
  4. My entry ISN'T GOOD?? I spent like 2 days from school and denied all my homeworks and I DIDN'T make it in, now I'm extreamly mad at @SKIBBZ right now. If he had issues about encoding then create 2nd part of this collab so more good entries will be in the video. If my entry didn't look good then tell me what should I improve in my video... Judge my entry.
  5. I didn't make it in!?!? But how, did I actually waste my 2 days for this..? And I didn't make it in?? I thought mine was good because I put a lot of effort in this video and it is the best video I've ever made... Other people (some) made nice entries but didn't make it in too... @SKIBBZ Why!?!? How!?!?
  6. I feel like my whole world turns upside down but I stand still...

  7. Yeah, took a lot of time before 31st May but I realized that he still accept entries until 4th April., . @SKIBBZ I already sent my entry yesterday, hope you already receive my entry!
  8. Your collab still open, right? Pickaxe Execution, because my process of your collab is now 70%, only sdd visual effects and render, almost finish. So pls wait for me. ;-;

    1. J. Koope

      J. Koope

      no, it's still going(I'm skibbz)

    2. SKIBBZ


      You have until the 31st of March. If I get any submissions after that day, I will not accept them, sorry.

      You're still free to show it off on your YouTube channel if you wish.

  9. Nah, it's for my group "Minecraft Animator Thailand" but if yo want to make one, I can open new event tho.
  10. Ayy, thank you! This took me a while to edit this wallpaper, well that are a lot of failed spot in this wallpaper... hmm, gotta tried to fix once I get back from school.
  11. Eyy hello, everyone! I'm Phupha and I'm back with my latest wallpaper. I made this for... not a collab but event for my group "MAUT (Minecraft Animator Universe Thailand). This event called "MSEV (Music Event)", this event is about describe your feeling with your song and wallpaper. Post a wallpaper and tag #MSEV. Ya, not my best because I don't have a feeling to make it looks good so ya... Song while I was making this wallpaper: Credit: @ZZZZane, @superninja574, @Nicolasev, @Mooshim, @BloxTheRigger for skins. I made rigs for you guys 2 years ago and re-used it just now. Raw Image:
  12. Did he, did he sing good? I want your guys' comment. :vv


    1. Phupha


      Darn my grammar, I'm sorry about my grammar. ikr ;-;

  13. I once thought that Nimi and Yuri are the same member. xD

    1. Phupha


      I swear, I actually thought it really are. LOL

    2. Mike


      Don't worry, I get them mixed up all the time too xD 

  14. ehh, that feature is already in Mine-Imator. If you don't know yet, it is in project properties > background and very last option "Texture animation speed".
  15. Does anyone have my old Skype account? If you do, I moved to this account:

    Name is same as old one: Phupha #COOL!!! (If you searched, there will be 2 same account. My current one has 3 exclamation mark !!!) Add me! ;D

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