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  1. I spent most of the day working on it...what do you think I should change about detail?
  2. Thinking of doing almost all the characters of arkham franchise...

  3. I always liked the design of the Sonic boom series.
  4. What do you think I should change?
  5. I got bored and i made this video, putting together smallville and injustice 2 (love this game).
  6. 1.11

    @david I think someone wants to take your place. *Sarcasm* -OnTopic: btw, NICE!
  7. what the...3d texture...
  8. amazing!
  9. awesome!
  10. well...what you guys think of my new cover gif?

  11. maybe some texture..? ._.
  12. flat what exactly?
  13. yes.
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