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  1. This is horror Animation

    people need to see this.
  2. Look at the lips...! Animated

    this look's like @SKIBBZ's face rig...
  3. It's possible? [Large Image]

    is it possible to manipulate the water texture to be much less similar the way in the image in mine-imator?
  4. Do you know that feeling that wants to do something other than just square? yes, I tried to use blender...I learned several things, but I just can't do what I want because it's very difficult.

    it looks like I'm going to have to go back to mine-imator to have some more fun :/

  5. Coming soon...

    that's why you are awesome.
  6. Blender To Mine-imator Rigs.

    Any chance of changing the mine-imator system to such requirements you said? (I'm not telling you to change, only if there is a possibility.)
  7. Blender To Mine-imator Rigs.

    thank you! I really hope so, since the creation of rigs in mine-imator it's very complicated.
  8. Blender To Mine-imator Rigs.

    Is it possible to import models from the blender to mine-imator? I mean, if you make the model precisely Square in the blender... And even if it's 000,000.001% chance, it still means that it's not impossible.
  9. I tried to use the blender and now I'm collecting the pieces of my brain.

  10. can i have the download link to your clone rig


  11. How to Open Doors on Schematics

    hmmmm, nice....
  12. Amy Rose Of Sonic Boom RIG [Wallpaper]

  13. I spent most of the day working on it...what do you think I should change about detail?
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