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  1. Oh wow. :v Aside from the background the scene you've set up is really nice. I'm very grateful!
  2. You're welcome.
  3. You have vision, and that's what made this so immersive. Great work.
  4. You shouldn't aim so high with such little experience if you can't take rebuke, but I appreciate your effort.
  5. Bandana Sonic... for shame. I like that he's passing by Scenery really quickly.
  6. Is smooth, mmm.
  7. Yay, Transitions!
  8. Come on dude. These... ... aren't opinions, they're groundless orders.
  9. What. :u
  10. Trove gives us freedom to create our own characters, at least as far as masks and hats goes...

    1. Emaniplex


      HOW DID I MISS THIS?!  :steve_shocked:

  11. Woah, what. :u
  12. You can also replace the apple with smaller and smaller Item Textures of itself.
  13. Dark torches.
  14. I'm referring to the shrinkage of Blocks from their original size which causes uneven Texture detail, even if they were all the Scaled identically. It's like making a chair with a hundred tiny wooden planks.
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