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  1. oc

    No, bad. Now go sit in the corner and think about what you've done.
  2. Lose the advanced Rigs until you improve your skills at animating; Steve looks like a failed attempt at an android. Also, don't forget to give credit to the rightful creators of the Rigs you use in the future. Those arcade machines are @BloxTheRigger's for instance.
  3. Stop. Quoting. The. Topic.
  4. Did you make that Player Rig?
  5. The Sparta kick saved the animation. It's okay I guess but you should drop the Face Rig until you increase your skill at animating.
  6. Steve became blind moments after the shot was taken.
  7. @EthanForeverAlone I got you a nice bootleg right here.
  8. I'm going to continue to say we.
  9. Typically we don't want to see a couple of Characters in an empty background unless it's a Test animation, a Rig showcase, or a Rig download.
  10. Of course... Also, who are you?
  11. Keep practicing and don't beg for subscribers on a simple Test.
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