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  1. No need to be so condescending.

  2. Cyberman Timelapse (Mineimator)

    Dissatisfaction.mp4 (This is how we all started out making Rigs and most of us now hate it)
  3. My Complete Set of Sonic Screwdrivers (So Far)

    They're alright (I think) but you should try experimenting with Item Sheets to get a voxel look that matches the rest of the animation.

    Great work.
  5. Cant move or scale anything

    One or more of your assets may have become unstable, usually from overworking the program or letting your computer save power by sleeping while it's open.
  6. Minecraft Wallpaper with Voxel style #01

    David senpai Liked this. :v
  7. Nether brick fences problem (shematics)

    Perhaps you can leave the hole empty and add the fence in Mine-imator?
  8. Realistic Textures wallpaper (GORE)

    So is no one going to mention that those "realistic textures" aren't even properly aligned and look grainy, or that he used the texture of a blood puddle meant for the floor on the wall? You can even see how misaligned the blood splatter is in relation to the ground by looking at his right hand and opposite foot. :v The way the elements play off each other is irrelevant; each individual component is an eyesore. Unless he promptly exploded after said toss, this definitely wouldn't happen. But I mean, I guess it's alright for a first wallpaper, but you should lose the complex Character Rigs and learn the basics.
  9. Well all he "took" was the concept. My number one specialty seems to be recreating what I see in another fashion. I think it's the highest honor you can express toward something you like.
  10. Get ready The Dragon is coming

    King Dragon sends his regards.
  11. [For Mine-Imator Community Build 1.0.2] Armour rigs!

    No you haven't. @BloxTheRigger already made these a long time ago. :v
  12. Resting at a forest. [Wallpaper]

    I have no idea how your renders always turn out perfect.
  13. I'm gay.

    The camera movements are interesting, and everything else is alright.
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