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  1. Anyone know why my skin won't update (under my profile pic on topics) 

    It still shows my old one.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ryanista


      Thanks, I tried that but still seems to be the same. :P 

    3. SkythecreeperCS


      dunno what to do then

    4. Ryanista


      I fixed it! Had to change my MC name though.


  2. Hello. This is part 2 to a new/old comic series i've started/picked up. (part 1: http://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/68009-skyblock-the-return-1-comic/) You might remember I did a skyblock comic like 2 years ago. Yeah, it was horrible.) I just had a weird idea the other day that got me thinking about making another one, so I did. I decided that it would be better to start over. But I might have a character return or something I'm not sure yet. Anyway, enjoy the comic. =========================================================================================================================== 2 minutes later... Thanks for reading bros. I'd love suggestions. Want to be in it? Just send me a message and we can sort something out.
  3. Confrontation

    I like the tie.
  4. Hey bros. A new comic i'm actually going to complete this time. Enjoy bros. ===============================================================================================
  5. RIP Horse {} Wallpaper {GORE WARNING}

    Thanks, I guess. A fellow DHMIS fan.
  6. looked good to me when i noticed that the pose could become an image looks horrible now
  7. Introduce yourself!

    Hello, I'm Ryan. I joined the forums in 2014 when I found out about the program and started animating, I haven't improved since.
  8. A tiger rig.

    Good luck if you do.
  9. A tiger rig.

    I'm asking one of you amazing riggers to help me by creating me a tiger rig if it isn't too much hassle. I'm working on a 'The Walking Dead' animation. And if you've seen the show or the comics you'd know all about Shiva (the tiger). Thanks, Ryanista.
  10. Anyone want to do me a favour and make me a tiger rig. ;):P 

  11. When and why did I make this? (possible swear warning) Why did I upload this? idfk
  12. Can someone talk to me? I'm lonely. :(

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    2. lou3d


      It sounds sarcastic how @Ryanista wants to talk with someone but he aint talking lol

    3. Ryanista


      I've been away. I was at work when you guys were commenting. 😉

    4. Quickstreak


      i can  RELATE

  13. The Peep Show is a great television series. 

    1. Ryanista


      Oh yes it is. ;)

  14. Che3sy's Che3se Block PLUS KNIFE!

    The comments.
  15. Che3sy's Che3se Block PLUS KNIFE!

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