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  1. Spider-Man Web Swinging Animation

    Eh? Could be better, Spider-Man is a decently hard thing to animate, so i will give you a little credit. Work on the running cycle and camera movements though.
  2. Amazing Firewatch Mineimator Intro

    I'm sorry, but the Mine-imator Forums are highly critical, and will tell you what they think. So if you don't want to be treated this way, don't put "Amazing" in the title, and shame people that are criticizing it.
  3. Amazing Firewatch Mineimator Intro

    still images, and no real effort put in, the intro don't really deserve a +1 rep
  4. Beretta

    Oh wow, that's really good, keep it up!
  5. Couldn't get a picture of it, but in the 1.1.0 beta, there was a sky glitch where  only a little bit of stars were shown, a lot of them were not showing.

    1. Skjold


      It's a beta. Wth did you expect?

  6. Hello! Again im not back with a title sequence, been hit with hard stuff right now, so im going to just give you a wallpaper using a vortex i made from waveform's 13th doctor who title sequence (no longer up) so here it is Tardis is a bit glitchy, dont know why Programs used: Hitfilm Pro 2017 Mine-Imator
  7. Lock and unlock your own posts

    again, if you keep it up, people have the right to criticize.
  8. Lock and unlock your own posts

    Well then whats the point in criticism? If a 12 year old gets butt hurt, he can just lock his own post..
  9. Halloween wallpaper (4K)

    the edited version doesn't look different
  10. Hamilton - Wait For It - Music Box Cover

    Hello! im back, but i dont have a title sequence, i have another Music Box Cover so here it is:
  11. Assassin's creed leap of faith || test animation

    The jump animation was good, im not too happy with the breathing animation at the start though. good job
  12. Minecraft Doctor Who Title Sequence | Finest Hour

    sorry i couldnt get back to you that quick, thank you for your comment Doctor Who has died out a bit because of writing reasons and getting into politics, but i have a feeling that the female doctor will possibly be good? i'm not sure, i hope they don't make her a Feminist Doctor, but THE Doctor
  13. Welp, im currently working on a Non-Minecraft Doctor Who title sequence.

    hopefully will be released next week, since the hurricane took us out of school for 3 days


  14. School day

    already back at school (since August 7th) , but 10th grade isnt that hard tbh
  15. Hello everyone! Im back for another title sequence, but i forgot to post it here lel, so im doing it about a week late this another collab, but with Waveform Digital, so thanks to him for that! anyways, here it is! Waveform: Names, Title, Episode Title, Lens Flares, & Hexagon Vortex Karyu: Basically the whole backround ( The Video is highly compressed sadly, so it doesnt look that good, sorry ): )
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