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  1. There is no game. Seriously, it's some text, then roblox and, then an outro.
  2. You're welcome.
  3. Your previous Undertale stuff, dont spam the recent topics, just put them in one topic.
  4. Put them all in one topic.
  5. Happy Birthday @NietyFox lik dis if you cri everytim
  6. It seems some want me to comment on this. Some might say this is crap, but I would say this is a gap.
  7. have you ever post any rig ?

    i want to see your rigs


    1. EthanForeverAlone


      Just go through my stuff.

    2. TheXKing360



      you have more than 800 page

      MORE THAN 800 PAGE !!!!

  8. TRAIN
  9. car

    Why a black car? Why not a white one, or a blue one? Are you trying to tell us something?
  10. That rig.. doesn't look good, it's too blocky.
  11. We is proper grammar. He is referring to the forums itself.
  12. This is nowhere near over edited. This looks great.
  13. I draw the line at anthro vehicles. No thanks.
  14. Credit to @willingsas for the animation. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. EthanForeverAlone


      @Emaniplex Yeah. I made the sprite, I also tried to animate it but it was horrible, but I asked Will to see what he could do and he delivered. 

    3. MachineGunInc


      It kinda looks like you're walking with a limp

    4. Minecraftvinnyq


      Oh god he's got a shovel...




      and now he's coming at your screen...