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  1. What would happen if Mexico did declare war against America during World War I?
  2. Thanks guys
  3. Thank you
  4. Christmas truce of the Stazi and Ally soldiers it's a reference of the 1914 Christmas truce where the British, French and German soldiers climbed out of their trenches and celebrated Christmas together in the No Man's Land Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays or something..
  5. I am the man who arranges the blocks
    That continue to fall from up above.

  6. Hm so Mobile Legends is a thing now huh?
  7. Almost finish....


    1. cockroach






      Mother.... god... of..... everything.... 

    2. Kreuzer


      funny enough I know who that guy on the pic is

      und also this ist German Empire

      nicht SS

    3. ChesterCraftAnimations


      Lol i forgot to continue mine :3

  8. Wha? Teamwork never existed in CSGO, not even Russians do that.
  9. sword

    That's so realistic that I don't know what is real anymore!
  10. I nominate @SkyrinnMCAG Good luck Ivan!
  11. Because of the recent events going on *cough* Izetta *cough I was inspired to make a Tiger tank that kill Witches I just want that witch to die I used a model of the Tiger from World of Tanks (I want the Warthunder model but I can't seem to find one) and I re-textured it to make it look like this.
  12. Where's the exoskeleton suit and the jet pack? Anti-gravity boots?
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