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  1. Carro Veloce CV-33 L3/33 was built in 1933, not really WW1 and it's definitely not in BF1 It was based on the Carden Loyd tank, also not made during WW1 because it was made in 1927
  2. I drew a bird


    1. EthanForeverAlone


      Ew, Korean cartoons. 

    2. Kreuzer


      stale Internet phenomenon

  3. Thank you Thank you. It's not that we don't know how to animate them but how they would look like when they are animated so we are going to do some test soon. Thank you as well, although I only did the L33/3 Act 2 and StuG III's parts while @SkyrinnMCAG turned my StuG III rig into a scorpion looking contraption which is kinda cool.
  4. Scorpion StuG III Rig is made by @SkyrinnMCAG we're testing out how these things would perform if they were to animate and so far, no exact results so I made a wallpaper thingy
  5. drawing a crusader inspired Gundam


  6. There is a difference between being Neo-nazism and drawing characters that looks like Nazis if we're talking about getting arrested then I won't since the country I live in is okay with Nazi imagery
  7. Platzen it blows up everything that it bites, even dust this is based on Kira Yoshikage and his stand Killer Queen from Jojo's Bizarre Adventures: Diamond is Unbreakable
  8. 11/48 done


  9. C8z7_PpUIAAAaL4.jpg:large

    1. Peachfig


      Sheer Heart Attack... Jakuten wa nai!

    2. Kreuzer


      koichiru miru!

  10. David Bowie hair

    Image may contain: drawingNo automatic alt text available.

  11. Some few modifications for the L3/33, by few I mean adding a leg. Now Italians can run away with their Tankette, literally.
  12. The Rough Sketch looks kinda better but needs improvement with the anatomy, the arms looks smaller
  13. since I only got 0.5% of this rig being made, I want Killer Queen even tho I am planning on rigging him, just wanted to see your take on it
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