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  1. New Problem: Weird Monster Skin Upload. I edited a chicken skin into an evil chicken skin and uploaded it to a chicken, it came out weird. maybe a download file for a folder with all the monster skins?
  2. Im stil having problems with opening it, even know im pretty sure the bug is supposed to be fixed, its still in my backround processes.
  3. i rally get the not starting but appearing in the task bar... i opened it 3 times and it went in backround tasks and took up 88% of my cpu
  4. uhm i use windows 8 and it says windows wants to keep me safe... i think i should start it not working
  5. thanks for creating this website so i can get cyber bullied no one better reply
  6. so many cyber bullys

  7. i spent alot of useless time making these since i havent used them in animations yet. block by block,block by block wait i can use that for my i believe you call it a siggie
  8. did anyone notice my new achievement in my signature

  9. yeah im doing osmethign right now!

  10. wait i know what happened and ill never be able to post it nevermind i fixed it again
  11. thankyou it says i cant use that image extention on this comunity help me it wont work it keeps on syaing that
  12. yeah one reputation point im cool now! jk

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